Wednesday, December 17, 2008

24 years...

Lovely facebook bumpersticker sent to me this morning by Sara

Wow. 24 is almost 25, which is almost 30. Holy Smokes.
Tonight is also my moms bday as well, so we are doing a family dinner at STK in LA(I will post tomorrow if we have any celeb sightings!) But here is the outfit I am planning on wearing:

Happy bday to me! by sweetnothings04

I also have only one birthday present wish, and if anyone can make this happen, I will be eternally thankful


  1. but what about chace crawford?? Mopps has been trying to hunt him down all day for you...even with her bad eye!


  2. Heh. Now that's quite a birthday wish! Have a good one :)

  3. what a funny birthday card. happy belated birthday! :)

  4. happy birthday !

    and very jealous of your chanel bag!!

  5. i sooooooo want that chanel purse too - i actually just included it on my holiday wish list. *le sigh*


...thanks for the comments sweetness!