Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Great Debate

No, I don't mean anything political, this debate is about puppies. If you have read about our interests in our profile, you know we love Basset Hound boxers (and the puppies too). But, this year for Christmas, Danielle got me not only Basset boxers but Bulldog boxers from J. Crew. Now, Bulldogs are my fave puppies, so I told her that I have a new favorite pair of boxers. Thus sparked the debate between the two adorable breeds...

Which do you prefer?


*Michael Phelps and Herman

*More adorable Bulldogs

Basset Hounds

*Bentley the Basset

*Precious Bassets


  1. cairn terriers!
    oh, that wasn't an option.
    basset hound, no wait, bull dog.
    I don't know, they are both adorable.

  2. Oh goodness - so hard to choose - they are both so DROOPY and DARLING. I love all dogs. I'd have to ultimately go with the long floppy cuddly ears.

  3. i'm gonna have to say bull dogs... but everytime i see them their owners are basically dragging them down the street because they wont walk.. haha. so cute


...thanks for the comments sweetness!