Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Night Line-Up

*Big Bang Theory

*How I Met Your Mother

*Gossip Girl


While others are busy watching Monday Night Football, Danielle and I have our own Monday night Line-Up. We have our weekly dates via AIM (since she is down in Los Angeles and I am in San Francisco), and catch up on our gossip and fave TV shows.

Our love of How I Met Your Mother, led us to love The Big Bang Theory, which if you haven't watched follows the lives of four scientists, and their hot neighbor (Kaley Cuoco) we highly recommend adding the show to your list of guilty pleasures. And of course, who doesn't love the ongoing stories of Chuck, Blair, Serena, and Dan in the CW's Gossip Girl. Then we turn to the real life Intervention, and follow the struggles of people and their addictions.

All in all our dates make for great television, and great company (even if it is online).

Tell us your television guilty pleasures in the comments.

- Sara


  1. I'm watching Big Band Theory as I type! I love this show and like you I started watching it due to my love of How I met your mother. It's a great line up.

    I think I'm the last person on earth that hasn't watched Gossip Girl. I asked for the 1st season for Christmas so I start watching and become obsessed.

  2. umm yeah definetly gossip girl! and i forget about intervention but when i watch it im hooked!

    yeah not gonna lie, the hills. but not in a while because its been lame lately

  3. I love intervention, and totally agree with Nicole Marie that once you start watching it you can not stop.

    Guilty pleasure show Secret Lives of Women on WE TV.

  4. Nicole- The Hills was great in the beginning, now I kinda feel like the whole Speidi thing is spiraling out of control...but I still sit through the marathons

    Kelli- Secret Lives of Women is a great show...I just never remember what channel WE is, but when I do catch it, I get sucked in

    other guilty pleasures: Celeb Rehab, Real Chance at Love, and pretty much any other "Celebreality" show on VH1


...thanks for the comments sweetness!