Monday, December 29, 2008

Red Carpet Roundup: Top Ten Best dressed of 2008

#1 Camille Belle in Armani Prive
#2 Katie Holmes in Lanvin
#3 Amy Adams in Proenza Sculer
#4 Cameron Diaz in Dior
#5 Debra Messing in Naeem Khan
#6 Kate Mara in Zac Posen
#7 Evan Rachel Wood in Lanvin
#8 Reese Witherspoon in Marchesa
#9-Ashley Tisdale in Alberta Feretti
#10-Barbara Bush in Oscar de la Renta

Thoughts? Love my choices? Hate them? Did I miss something?
*Sorry, I tried to make all the pics one size...still new to all this blogging stuff!!


  1. I love your choices! Very lovely. The only one i definitley wouldn't have added is Ashley Tisdale, but i won't go into that. The first four are really lovely though!

    What a fun idea, do you mind if i do a similar post?

  2. haha...We( well, mostly Danielle here,) love the tiz..but I understand. and DEFINATELY do a similar post!! Can't wait to see who you choose!

  3. Great list, though truth be told Katie Holmes is so hit or miss to me.

  4. I love love love Amy Adams dress. That was always one of my favorites this past year. I love the color and the way it goes with her coloring. Perfection.

  5. I tagged you---go check out your award !! :)

    Have a great Holiday :)

  6. i like cameron diaz. she is just so stylish.

  7. I like your list a lot! Reese's dress is gorgeous. However, I'd also include Natalie Portman's white givenchy dress in Cannes this year.

  8. i love your picks!! i would have included natalie portman's dress liek ariella said. but otherwise, you got them all! i absolutely love camilla belle - her dresses are always GORGEOUS. :)

    La C.

    thanks for leaving a sweet comment!

  9. yes yes yes! top 3 are my favorite. I just love them!

  10. Not a big fan of Katie Holmes' dress...kinda looks like something you'd find at a TOGA party. However, Cameron Diaz totally rocks that dress! I wonder if they make it in a different color??

  11. love the amy adams and cameron diaz. i'd include heidi klum's Galliano oscar dress

  12. Thanks for all the comments...and i would say natalie portman is an honorable mention..that dress was indeed stunning...and anoymous..I think I liked heidi's armani emmy gown better than the galliano.

  13. Wow, what great picks! Can have them all? Okay I will settle for just one, they all look fantastic!

  14. those dresses are gorggg! wow. why cant i be reese witherspoon?

    love your blog :)
    emma from young and in style

  15. I love Reese dress! Now if only I had a place to wear it!

  16. I love basically everything Cameron Diaz wears. I never really "got" Debra Messing's taste though.

  17. I can't ever tire of Reese!! But I love Debra Messings ensemble! I NEED that gown - you know, for the grocery store... :)


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