Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blogger Interview: High-Heeled Foot in the Door

We are proud to have Camila of High-Heeled Foot in the Door as our first blogger interview!! Not only is her blog one of our daily reads, she is the nicest person on earth! When we started blogging, she was the first person we emailed for help, and a friendship has been forming ever since!

What inspired you to start blogging?

About a year and a half ago I went through a quarter-life crises. I was completely upset about where I was in my career. Out of college I ended up getting into buying and was happy with that first, but always longed for something more creative. I switched to a new job at a bigger company and thought that it would be a perfect fit, but I hated it. I literally was in tears every morning before work. I finally just reached a breaking point where I knew I couldn’t handle being this upset everyday. I quit and was able to take off the entire summer and find myself. I had a lot of free time and during that free time I was introduced to the world of blogging. Making it Lovely was the first site I logged on to and it was love at first site. Reading all these design blogs written by all these amazing woman that were so successful, friendly and smart made me want to join the club. It took a little while for me to get my nerve to do it, but I finally decided that I needed to be a do-er in this life to get ahead that I dove in and started my own blog. I wasn’t even sure if anyone would ever read it. Getting my first comment from Courtney at Inside the Loop was amazing. I was so excited that someone actually read what I was writing about and glad to make a friend with Courtney.

What are your daily reads?

Too many to count. My blog roll just keeps growing and growing.

My first morning daily reads are:

Pure Style Home

Inside the Loop

PVE Designs

Elements of Style

Urban Grace

La Dolce Vita

Coco and Kelly

I heart you

Pink Wallpaper

Haven and Home

Cote de Texas

Mrs. Blandings

I could literally go on forever. Let’s just say I don’t get much done at work until after 10:30am.

You started a design business..who/what are you inspirations/ design icons?

Some of my favorite design stars are:
Celerie Kemble, Ruthie Summers, Meg Braff, and Katie Ridder

but my true design inspirations are the women that I adore in the blog world.

Lauren from Pure Style Home has been a god send. We were meant to be the closest of friends. I adore her she is so sweet and sincere plus her design style is perfection. I want to move into every room she decorates.

Erin fromElements of Style. She was my first true blog crush. From the first time I logged on to her site I knew this lady meant business. We always seem to be on the same page and she is so helpful in keeping me in the know.

Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things. She was also one of the first blogs that I found in the blog world. She owns a fabulous shop and provides Interior Design down under. I love her use of color and patterns. She’s never afraid to mix and match and it always come out perfectly.

Erika from Urban Grace. Wow is all I can say to describe her. Her style is impeccable. She is as sweet as can be. She blogs about d├ęcor, but also about her family, pups and her great finds.

What are your goals with your design business?

I’m one of those nutty people that actually wants to love what they do for a living. I want to enjoy everyday and I feel that in providing clients with help in making their interiors a reflection of who they are I will be able to fulfill this. I want to be successful and show the world what I am capable of.

What is the name of your business? Is there a special meaning behind it?

It took a long time to pick out a name for my business. Like a typical women I kept changing my mind. Originally I wanted to name my business Effortlessly Stylish, It was a bit of mouthful so I kept discarding it as a name even though I loved it. Then one day I was reading Michelle’s blog and she was describing her friend as someone with effortless style. You know that girl. The one that just exudes cool. She always looks well put together. Everything she is wearing looks like it was meant for her. She is always classic and her look will always be timeless. That is exactly how I feel your home should look. It should reflex your personal style and look relaxed. It shouldn’t look like a hotel room or a designer showcase. A room should have good bones. Sure you can throw some trends in, but they should be in the accessories so that you can constantly update your look. Once I saw Effortless Style on Michelle’s blog I knew it was meant to be. So I shortened my beloved, Effortlessly Style and stayed put with Effortless Style.

If you had 1000k to spend in one hour, where would you go to spend it? what would you get?

I would probably run out to my closet travel agent or computer and book many many trips. I would love to travel the world and start out in Paris. How amazing would it be to shop in the Parisian flea markets. Ah! I would love it. So that money would go to buying numerous plane tickets or perhaps my own jet with that much money to leave whenever I like and fill it with all of my purchases.

Speaking of travel, where is your favorite place to travel?

I love traveling period. So there is no exact favorite place. Every travel destination is new to me and each trip contains great people, food, shops and mostly importantly a history to it. My favorite destination so far has been Egypt. I loved every part of the trip even the 100 degrees plus weather. It was a great 25th birthday gift from my husband. Plus I got an amazing alabaster vase that now resides in my bedroom to remind me of my special trip. I can’t wait to wait to plan my next vacation. Ideally I would love to go off to Greece or London, but due to $$$$ I think my next trip will be more local.

Is it horrible that I want to make a trip to Portland Oregon purely for a donut shop I heard about this morning? Yes, I have a little fat kid hidden inside of me.


You were so helpful with us when we started our little blog about a month ago, what advice do you have for new bloggers?

My ultimate advice is to purely enjoy it. Write about what you love and the readers will come. It’s wonderful to be part of the blog world. You will gain many friends from all over the country and world. You will open yourself up to learning about many new and exciting things. I feel like I’m own magazine editor everyday when I’m posting my topics or doing research for posts. It has completely helped me with my self-confidence and made me a much stronger woman who believes that I can achieve just about anything with a little help from my friends.

*Thanks Camila!! Everyone pop on over to her blog! Later today, she is going to post some inspiration boards she created for my bathroom in my condo(we tried to get them on here, but there is still sooooo much we have to learn about blogging)


  1. Thanks again ladies for asking me to be your first! (that sounded a bit dirty, but you know what I mean)

    I just posted your bathroom inspiration boards. Hope you like it.

  2. camila is such a sweet girl and is always so nice about leaving comments! great interview and i love getting to know more about her!

  3. What a great interview. I love Camila! She really is so sweet and gives such great feedback.

    You girls are doing such a great job with your blog! Keep it up!

  4. great interview! I am so glad to know of another blog.

  5. congrats on posting your first interview! :) it was great!

    La C.

  6. Great interview!! I love Camila & she really helped me get started blogging too. I was like "uhhh how do I do this?" haha & she was just so helpful. (Before talking to her I was deathly afraid of leaving comments on ppl's blogs!) She was one of my first non-family comments & you never forget that!! :)

    Anyway, great interview & I'm so glad to learn more about her!!

    ps- LOVED her bathroom design for you!!


  7. Great interview. I know Camila will wow the design world!

  8. Great Interview! I love Camilla, her blog is definitely one of my favorites.

  9. what a great interview! so nice to get to know more about the person behind the blog.

    good job!

  10. I forgot how I ended up here but glad I ran across your blog..


...thanks for the comments sweetness!