Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Design Dilemma: Toile

image from Domino..the look that inspired it all

Anyone who is a interior designer/has a keen eye for this, I need your assistance! I have a love/hate relationship with this print. I love it in the sense I want to incorporate it into my condo, but I want to avoid looking too french country.

I love how this bathroom looks, but I don't have windows in my bathroom, and I was told that in that situation, too much moisture is bad for that true?

I feel like this hot pink toile looks kinda a twist on the classics..which I am all about

I like the idea of maybe framing some wallpaper..or maybe doing panels?

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  1. I really love Toile - even though it's sort of busy, it doesn't give me a headache when I look at it like Chintz!

  2. Bathroom wallpaper is alittle scary if you don't have proper venting. Something I have done in the past is to buy fun "wrapping paper" at like a stationary store. You can get it for like a dollar a sheet.Another option is to frame a cloth napkin or scrapbook paper. I frame different patterns in different size frames. This will give you the pattern you are looking for at a fraction of the price. Easily removable if you change your mind about it. Mix different patterns for a boho look.


    have you seen these pillows? they hand stitch "graffiti" over toile. they are pretty funny and would be easy to do as a do it yourself project.

  4. maybe just do it on one wall of the entire room like the wall your bed will be on ...or in a bathroom so it doesn't overwhelm you.

  5. It could be cool to do an accent wall as opposed to the whole room. I like some toile, but it can be overwhelming. I think the key lies in small doses.

  6. I love the idea of a pattern in a bathroom! It probably won't last as long as it would in a non-wet (?) room, but there's got to be glue or something that specifically designed for this situation, right?

  7. same!! i love it, yet hate it!! i think starting with one wall will be very cool! like the wall your headboard is against (so you don't get overwhelmed when you sleep!). & if the pattern is blue, paint the rest of your walls that beautiful, powdery blue!

    or maybe by it as a print on a scarf of skirt first? live with it a bit; if you don't mind wearing it for a day or two, toile may be worth it!

    La C.

  8. I have a toile bathroom and love it. My bathroom is very small the I have black/white marble houndstooth tile--I think it looks nice. I think it will look wonderful.

  9. I love, love, LOVE toile but I agree it's super tricky... I unfortunately can be of no help in whether a windowless bathroom causes too much moisture, but I tend to like the classic looking variety. I think it's totally classic and beautiful! I wholeheartedly support any toile-y redecorating :-)

  10. I like the idea of the framed panels. I think it would give you just the right amount of toile without having to worry about the moisture issue.

  11. I think for toile to have a bit more of a modern edge/ not so look so French Country, it's better to have negative toile (like the image in Domino)-- Also the pink you chose is a fresh take. Larger toiles also feel more modern.

    And when I do toiles in a room, I just make sure to keep almost everything else pattern-free & really textured to keep it feeling fresh/ not granny.


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