Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fashion Emergency!

I need your help..I have a date.

Now, the date isn't as much the issue, though I already have nervous stomach about it. The issue is that it is a mid week after work date! So, in an effort to follow many of our resolutions for 2009, you can see my issue. I will not only have to dress nicely to work on that day, but I cannot go out and buy anything new. I am trying to save money. I can't fail 14 days in!
So, I did some Polyvore boards with pieces that I already own. I did three looks:

after work date option 1
after work date option 1 by sweetnothings04

This first look is the only one that includes heels( there is a reason.) It is casual, yet dressy. I would say the dress is a little shorter than I would like, but not inappropriate.

after work date 3
after work date 3 by sweetnothings04

Look two is a dressier work look, something I would wear on a meeting day. I think it says powerful, yet playful with the Polka dot skirt. And the oxford allows for a little wiggle room to be sexy.

after work date 2
after work date 2 by

This is the jeans and oxford look. Classic American style. The only difference is that my necklace is orange, not white, so it's a nice POP of color.

So, what are your thoughts? Ask your friends, roomates, boyfriends, husbands, or random who you see at school!!!

UPDATE: umm..since when has Polyvore had a blog as well.....just in case it can't take up ENOUGH of your time..


  1. I love the third look! It's so classy and cute!

    I also like the first one, but the third one better! I absolutely love the bag.

    The second option definitely looks too professional...and I know you said it's a work date, but I think you can still have a little fun with it!

  2. I like the first one... if you're worried about the dress being too short for the office, you can wear it with some warm tights or leggings, and then put them in your bag for the date.
    I think a white shirt would seem too businessy.

  3. I love the third one too, such a classic look. I know this doesn't help but I don't think you could go wrong with any! Good Luck!

  4. I love the first one! The dress is so cute!

  5. I'll have to disagree with everyone else. I like #2, which is dressed but not overly dressy. It will be a little more attention-grabbing than jeans, which you can pretty much see on everyone 24/7, right?

  6. Oh this is a tough one!!! I like #2 or #3 depending upon how cold it is. But I think the shirt is more classic & sexy. I'd probably go with the pants but they're both great. (#1 is too actually) ok, so I'm no help!! :)

  7. I love the first dress so I choose 1 (but I really like 2 too)

  8. shoot. my comment didn't show up...i previously said:

    i think they are all cute but i'd go with number 3. you can show a little cleavage if you choose to ;) but it also depends on where you are going. but - you can never go wrong with dressy jeans and a classic white shirt. look at jennifer aniston - she rocks that look all the time and always looks fab!

  9. i like the 3rd look, but where is he taking you though?

  10. Love the Kare Spade pumps and the J Crew skirt. I love polka dots in general, can you tell? :)

  11. How did the date go? Details please! What was the winning outfit choice?


...thanks for the comments sweetness!