Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gossip Girl Recap

Gossip Girl returned last night, and it didn't disappoint.


There are some unanswered questions though...

Are Chuck and Blair finally going to give it a shot? What is Uncle Jack up to? Will Lily and Rufus find their baby? How long will Serena and Dan last this time? When will Jenny grow out her mullet? And, Where is Nate?

...At least Vanessa seems to have disappeared for a while.


  1. haha seriously. . i hate vanessa
    and jenny looked much cuter at the end of the first season

    - eryn

  2. Of course I didn't miss the return of Gossip Girl! Love the show! I have all the same questions that you mentioned... I hate Jenny's hair it's like Florence Henderson haircut from the Brady Bunch!

  3. When will Jenny grow out her mullet?
    Definitely the most important question ;) That thing looks awful!

  4. Nate always sort of disappears.... I think they're just looking for a new girl for him to date, since I don't think ANYONE likes Vanessa.

  5. I've been watching season 1 over my longgg break, and Jenny was so cute back then! Haha, her mullet does look heinous.

    I want Rufus and Lily to work out so bad, but I also want Dan and Serena to stay together, and I don't think that both things can happen = /

    And I LOVE Chuck and Blair, and I just want it to work this time! :)

  6. I was seriously having withdrawals! I'm so glad it's back.

  7. I am hopelessly addicted to Gossip Girl. I'm dying for Chuck and Blair to finally be together!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!