Thursday, February 19, 2009

Decor Files

Let me start with saying I am a bad blogger. Whenever I see an image I like, I right click and save it quickly, and thus, right now, I probably can't tell you where the majority of these images come sorry! So, disclaimer, if you know the credit info, leave a comment!

That being said, I wanted to clean out and print my design files and free up some space on the work computer. Here are some of my favorites:

I love the curtains and rug in this office

We all know this guesthouse from Domino..I love the Ikea table among the awesome Missoni-esq wallpaper

Bedroom from Domino. I love the rug and the wallpaper. I would never think to contrast those prints like that

I actually applied for a job with this PR agency. I didn't get it, but I did talk to her about her home office that was featured in Feb 07. She was kinda impressed, but obvi not enough.

There isn't anything i DON'T love about this office..the chair, the curtains, the gray. I would move in there in a second..and actually want to pay bills and do my consulting work.

Another beautiful office..

Molly Simm's NY apt that was in In Style's home magazine. This is the apartment that spurred my love for interiors

Isn't this wallpaper sweet?

I love the graphic wall, pink chair, and Pucci Pillow on top

I love how Domino would show teeny tiny spaces that were so full of life


  1. omg that chandelier! I love offices that are so full of life like these

  2. oh boy, i also love that yellow rug in the first shot. i need to print my home inspiration folder and put it in a neat tidy binder before my computer crashes one day!

  3. Ok so I love the color combo in the first one. That rug is so pretty. I am also realy loving the last picture it sems so comfy but still very stylish!
    I love when you post decor!

  4. all of those are lovely. i can't wait to have a house of my own so i can decorate exactly the way i want. i am so over apartment living.

  5. I am saving the pink office photo as inspiration. I LOVE it!

  6. I love what you have selected here. All different, but all bright, perky, happy rooms.

  7. I miss Domino:( I never put disclaimers..oops!!
    Love the first yellow yummie offic and the molly simms (don't you just love her?) office, bon jour! I wonder how much that pink chair is?!

  8. you are just like me! I right click and save so many images I like and just post them to my blog. Who knows where they came from :)

  9. you are just like me! I right click and save so many images I like and just post them to my blog. Who knows where they came from :)

  10. I never credit my photo's either - naughty naughty!! I do love all of these images!!

  11. I have always loved Molly Sims apartment...

  12. oh these are some great spaces! i especially love the 5th one - with all the gray...those curtains? amazing!

    ahhh actually i like 'em all. great pics.

  13. every room is fabulous! makes me happy when i look at them :D


...thanks for the comments sweetness!