Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Any big plans? Ours will include doing our patriotic duty and stimulating the economy with our tax refunds!

Here are some great posts we loved this week from around the blogs:

If this hotel chain doesn't make you want to pack up and go to Europe, I don't know what will

The final season of The Hills looks intense..the writers deserve an EMMY

If we had daughters, or neices, this adorable print would be up in their room

Ever had the urge to sell your boyfriend to the mob?

What Global Recession? See the final bids at the YSL auction in Paris

Another fantastic collaboration from Target

Didn't get invited to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party( us either)?

One of our dear friends was engaged on Valentine's Day. Let the wedding planning begin!


  1. hahaha. i help the economy out every day and surprisingly we're still in this stupid problem!!

    oh and i watched the hills preview. INTENSE!

    have a great weekend girlies!!

  2. Oh, me likey this Blog round up! Have a great weekend!

  3. thanks for the linkage, ive been absent from blogland this week!

  4. Links are fun! And have a lovely weekend with your tax return! Mine is long, long gone...

  5. happy weekend and have fun spending that dough! can't wait to go through these links! xo

  6. Thanks for the link, Hope u have a fab weekend - and I love your Carrie quotes too! xx


...thanks for the comments sweetness!