Wednesday, February 4, 2009

House Tour: Michelle of Rubie Green

I came across Michelle's blog one day, and instantly read the entire thing. A former domino assistant, Michelle has her own company, Rubie Green, that has the cutest fabrics. Her NYC apartment is to die for. Here are some shots:

I am obsessed with her headboard

She scored a lot of her furniture-above chair included-at outlets
Here is some of her fabric, featured in September 08 Domino

Her shop is adorable..


  1. thanks for this post- so inspirational!


  2. so I am a huge Rubie Green fan and think its awesome how this company is ran by young TALENTED professionals. I thought Michelle's apartment was beautiful!!

  3. I can't wait to see her blog.

    I picked y'all in my "Luv" post today because I love to read your blog everyday, it is so fun!

  4. uh i love her stuff....i'm definitely a fan now.

  5. Love her fabrics!!! And also love all the prints in the hallway- makes the home look so collected.

  6. Wow- thanks lady!!! I'm in Australia right now so I'm really behind on my blogging, but I just stumbled across this and am SO FLATTERED!! Thank you so much for the post, and for all these incredibly kind comments. It's honestly people like you that keep me going and make this all worthwhile and FUN :)
    xo Michelle.
    ps- I have since moved to an apartment in East Harlem, and will be revealing my new decor soon ;)

  7. Michelle is truly sweet. It was great catching up with her while she was in Sydney last week. Thanks for stopping by our blog! Hayley

  8. I LOVE her house, it is all over my inspiration files, and always will be because she just has amazing style!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!