Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Friday: Look of the Week!

So, I know that many people do not like the HSM movies or the tween stars. Well, I can say Sara and myself are not those people..we kinda love Disney still. One of the best presents I ever received for my bday was for my 22nd bday(yes, 22nd) when Sara got us HSM tour tickets and we met some of the cast--but thats another story.

I absolutely ADORE this fresh, springy Rebecca Taylor number Vanessa Hudgens is wearing to the watchmen premier.

I wouldn't wear these odd purple shoes, I would probably pair it with some nude Jimmy Choos I have, but thats ok. I think Vanessa dresses age appropriately yet stylish.

How yummy is he? I feel less creepy about that statement now that he is 21.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Below is a little preview of what I am SO excited to post on Monday! Can anyone guess!


  1. She looks great! Why don't I have those legs? And why don't have a pair of Jimmy Choos? I can hear my banker laughing now.

  2. hahaha you have me cracking up (the 21 year old creepy comment) BUT my hnsband's best friend looks a lot like that guy. (he lives in NY & is single... and I'm sure would totally appreciate me pimping him out!! oops! ;) hahaha)

  3. ps- you so inspired me!!! i just got these shoes (don't worry i didn't pay full price)- the white wedges on the top right:

  4. Oh that Vanessa, she could wear flip flops and a paper bag and look cute and the same for the 21 year old cutie-pie.
    Oh,as for monday - are you meeting Eddie Ross, or are you showing us some pretty flowers or jasper-ware?

  5. I love them as a couple..I hope they make it! And she is gorg! And her style is classic, but edgy which I really like. She cant take a bad picture.

  6. sighhh...she's gorgeous! i mean seriously, is there anything she CANT pull off?

  7. NO clue about Monday, but looking forward to it!!

    And yes... Mr. HSM is looking pretty hott these days!!

  8. I'll have to check back Monday if those flowers are any indicator of what's to come!

  9. I think I read that Eddie Ross is going to be in Pasadena this weekend. I sent the info on to my girlfriend who lives in Pasadena. Are you going to meet him?

  10. i too find zac efron yummy !
    not very many people in my surroundings agree with me on that front, to be honest . except maybe for like little pre-teen girls that i babysit from time to time, ahah .

    no but seriously i would do anything to steal HIS wardrobe, let alone hers . perfect little leather jackets, tons of beanies, designers skinnies, plaid & thick sweaters & boat shoes ... all of the androgynous lumberjack-chic stuff i've been vying for since the beginning of the year :]

    vanessa is so adorable though, but i have a feeling she's kind of a poseur .
    i love how she's always so perfectly tanned though !

    alright so i'll stop rambling now !
    great post though .


  11. p.s. you have a pretty award waiting for you on my blog.

    hope you had a good weekend you two! xo

  12. Oh she is darling.
    And those flowers look beeeautiful! Are those peonies I spy in there? One of my favorite flowers. Maybe even my top favorite :).

  13. Oh Zac is pretty yummy and don't worry at least your only 22. I'm 27 almost 28 and think he is yummy!

    Hello Lauren! I must meet Dave's friend. Ok so I'm married, but I have two single sisters in NY!!!

  14. Haha I do not think that boy is yummy at all but her dress certainly is. And I totally agree about the shoes!

  15. ok. i would wear the silly purple shoes if i had legs like that.

  16. vanessa is gorgeous. she does dress really nicely. and i absolutely love disney movies. they are still my favorites to this day.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!