Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little spring cleaning of my style files

Maybe it's because LA cannot decide if it is ready to embrace spring weather wise( I literally am in a parka today it is soo cold) but I decided to clean out my style inspiration files in an effort to really get ready for spring...and these looks just needed to be shared! European and New York women are so chic I can't stand it!

I want to be a supermodel....

Floral skirt, leather jacket, croc bag= I die

geek chic meets bad ass rocker chic--I still love those Louboutin booties

Feathers. enough said.

Classic pieces(cropped jacket, navy pants) meets edgy( hot pink Prada turban)

I thought Rachel Zoe looked ADORABLE at the Sugar premier last week in Hollywood. I am loving her little sequin beret

A collection of stylish NY women, most notably some Vogue editors at the top...


  1. Floral skirt and leather jacket, need I say more? Love it!

  2. rachel zoe looked FABULOUS...She looks better than ever lately! I would just die for that blazer she has on!

  3. great collection


  4. The sequin beret on Rachel was adorable! Totally made the outfit!

  5. the girl with the feathers is too much! loveit

  6. i really dislike people who live in ny and paris because they make me very jealous that i don't look at dress like that

  7. I love all these photos!

    La C.

  8. LOVE rachel zoe's look- very easy to pull off too I think!! :) yay

  9. ah i love NYC style too! (& Euro too, but I love pretty much everything about Europe so haha) I remember going there last fall and looking around thinking "if only i could ask to take their picture for style inspiration and NOT look like a stalker!
    And I agree the costumes in GG were gorgeous, if only we could dress like that day to day!

  10. Awesome collection! My fave is the Floral skirt, leather jacket, croc bag.

  11. Fabulous collection! I'm loving on the feathers and the Rachel Zoe outfit. Too sweet.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!