Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blogger Interview: Sarah Danielle of Jeune Marie

Our latest interview is the lovely Sarah Danielle of Jeune Marie, one of our favorite blogs!!

The night I found your blog, I instantly read the entire thing! Your posts are so through and thoughtful! What inspired you to start blogging?

That is so funny. I get emails all the time from people saying they have read every post, which is such a compliment. I started blogging to chronicle my life and honestly did not think anyone would care to read about, let alone take the time to comment! Ha. It is such an incredible time in your life from the moment you are engaged to the beginning of your life as a newlywed. I feel like this is such an exciting and transitional period - your twenties - this is when you start to really find yourself, and I wanted to document it all. I can't wait to look back in my thirties/forties and just laugh at all of my silly musings!

What are you daily must read blogs?

I have so many "dailies" so to name a handful: Coco+Kelley, Bryn Alexandra, In(side) The Loop, I*Heart*You & Sweet Nothings (of course!!).

Your wedding looked absolutely stunning...was planning your wedding what started your desire to open up your own design and event planning firm? Is this something you want to do full time?

Thank you and yes, planning my wedding did encourage my confidence towards becoming involved in the event planning and design industry. I hear many brides say "I could totally do this" but I don't think they consider the extensive hours and dedication an event planner puts in. It's an extremely stressful job, but the end result is so spectacular.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client would be a bride who is open to having a completely original soiree. I think brides limit themselves by only choosing to use inspiration from wedding magazines and Martha Stewart. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE Martha... but the most memorable events are those that have unique personal touches.

Who is your ultimate style icon-fashion?

I hate to be a cliche... but Carrie Bradshaw!! I can just see all of your readers rolling their eyes in disgust, but I feel like I grew up with Sex And The City and my style evolved from the character's love of vintage paired with luxury items along with unexpected accessories and of course, who could forget the Manolo's? I have used that "high - low" mentality in dressing ever since. Honestly, who doesn't dream nightly about her closet?
Every girl has one, what is your fool-proof, go-to ensemble for an evening out?

I tend to go for a similar look to Kate Beckinsale's here. Dark wash skinny jeans, black tank top and designer shoes. I let my favorite men (other than my husband, of course) Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo take center stage whenever I feel like I don't have a thing to wear. (Not to mention, southern boys love a girl in a tank and jeans!)

April marks the beginning of Spring…YAY! What are some of your favorite springtime activities?

There is such an avid outdoor lifestyle in Austin. We love hitching a ride on our friends boat, walking the dog and shopping downtown. Eating in outside at Whole Foods and exploring all of the outdoor music venues also tops our list for spring activities.

Austin is one of those cities that we keep on saying, we must go to. must must must. If we only had 24 hours in Austin, what MUST we do--besides meet up with you and your hubby for a cocktail, of course!

For me a perfect day in Austin starts at the South Congress Cafe for some carrot cake french toast and an amazing bloody mary.

After you've had your fill head over to Uncommon Objects for some amazing vintage finds. From taxidermy to furniture, from vinyl records to gemstones... this place has anything and everything all under one roof

Then you must walk down the block to Feathers Boutique. The vintage clothes and accessories are impeccable .

For lunch Blue Star Cafeteria is sure to please your appetite and your eyes. The interior of this place is nothing like that of the elementary cafeteria you remember!

Down the street is Uptown Modern . A super hip shop filled with home decor and furniture. My favorite home store in town.

Of course you can't come to Austin without indulging your inner sweet tooth at Hey Cupcake! , the cutest cupcake bakery in town

Then, spoil yourself at my favorite spa Milk+Honey . This place is heaven on earth!

After some rest and relaxation, nourish yourself with the most divine sushi at Uchi . Tucked away in a little bungalow down town, this exclusive eatery is the best sushi in the city

For after dinner drinks and dancing, hit up Starlite . There you will find the most fashionable crowd and best drinks. We'll meet you there!

Finally, we are going to end with a super random question: If you had to choose between dating Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold or Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, who would you choose?

Fred Savage. I am still totally in love with Kevin Arnold (Kevin + Winnie = 4 Ever!)... and I have always thought Derek kind of looks like him (a little bit). Primarily in photos of him as a child!

If you don't already, go check out Sarah Danielle's blog! You'll be hooked!!


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  3. Again, thank you girls for the interview. It was a pleasure and a lot of fun! Stay sweet!

  4. lovely interview and thanks for the shout out! i go to all those blogs daily as well!

  5. Very cute interview and I love how her personality comes through in every answer. Thanks for the blog love SD! You're the best. xx

  6. I love Sarah's blog! :) She inspires me to be a "good blogger" :)

  7. I love her blog too! YAY Sarah!


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