Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Thrifting

Saturday I headed up to Ventura for the day to do some thrifting on Main St. It is quite adorable up there, with shops, cafes, and at the end of the street, one of the California Missions.
My parents(who are currently frolicing in NYC without me :( ) sent me up there on a mission to scope out the bookstore. They recently finished their year long remodel of their new home out here in the Valley, which has the one thing my mom has wanted her entire life: a library nook, complete with one of the ladders to fetch the books.

Problem: No books yet. Sure we have TONS of books, but my parents wants old ones with gorg covers and what not, so off I went.

Now, the bookstore was amazing. I can't wait until they go back. I didn't purchase anything there, though I did have to talk myself out of spening a mortage payment on a first edition gatsby. but I walked away.

Inspired by Coco&Kelly's patio series, I decided my mission for the day was to get some things to spruce up my patio to enjoy early morning coffee and blogging out there. Well, I failed. But got some amazing pieces! I went up there with 50.00, and only spent a few over my budget!

Here are the goodies!

Wicker caraf and mugs: These I would use for the patio, so I guess its a win.
Price: 6.45

Set of four hobnail mugs.I am starting to collect them, so this was a win. Currently they are living on my bookcase.
Price: 3.45 for all four

Chair! This was DEF my find of the day. I plan to recover it, though the current fabric isn't offensive, so it's going a little lower on the project list.
Price: 5.46

I scored these two lamps with shades. I put them on my media cabinet(which my dad informed me the technical name for is a salamander! isn't that funny!) It was looking really bare up there, so I am super pleased with how it looks

Price: 21.64 for both

This vintage shirt. I am not currently sure what I am going to wear it with, but I was thinking possible white jean capris or shorts.

Price: .86

This fabulous reworked vintage dress. I love the sparkles! I think it is a perfect Vegas dress.(note-that is not a stain on it. When I uploaded these and saw the mark, I panicked and ran back to my room to check. I must've just washed my hands or something.)
Price: 20.00

Total Spent:
57.86! Not bad at all for all those goodies! I would've been good, but that dress was my last purchase and it was just divine!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Don't forget to go over to Just a Girl and a City today! It is the last part of the June Bug series, so hop on over a little later to see what Summer means to us, and check out all the other girls answers as well!!

Wanted to leave your with a cheery pic I took in the dressing room of Trina Turk in Palm Springs a few weeks ago! Brighten up your Monday!


  1. Love the Ventura Sign! Feels like as if I'm home again. :D

  2. looks like you came away with a good haul!


    Your blog is amazing, so I am giving you the "one fabulous blog" award! If you want to give awards to others, pick 15 blogs you love and have newly discovered. Link back to me, then link to them. Let them know you have chosen them by writing a comment on their blog. Have fun and keep up the great job!

  3. I love the carafe and mug set! Looks like you got some wonderful things!

  4. wow fabulous finds! love the dress!!!

  5. Very jealous — these area all great finds! I especially love the lamps and your new Vegas dress :)

  6. you found so many great things!! I'm impressed. That blue dress is adorable!! can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  7. that blue dress!!!!!!!! such a score

  8. What fun finds. So many things for so little $! LOVE the chair.

  9. What fun finds! What are you going to recover the chair in??

  10. I am so jealous of your mugs and that chair! What a great find- I love love love it!!

  11. Great finds! That chair will looks so fantastic recovered and painted. And I am loving that cobalt number! SCORE is right!

  12. Fabulous finds girlie! Can't wait to see the chair refinished. Dressing rooms are my fav to take pics in. Tell me why i ♥ VS heart pink wallpaper? It's simply girly and soo much fun.

  13. i love the blue dress and the white cups! So funny, I was just talking to my parents about spending some time in Ventura soon - now I really want to make it happen.

  14. Omg amazing finds! I just kept getting shocked over the prices you snagged everything for amazing.

    I can't wait to see what you do with the chair!

  15. Great finds! I NEED TO GO SHOPING SO BAD!

  16. i cannot believe the price on that chair!!!! awesome. and i love the lamps!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  17. Oh my gosh, those are the BEST finds!!! I am jealous!


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