Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogger Interview: Holly of Zucchero, Zucchero

We are so excited Holly is our July interview! Holly's blog, Zucchero, Zucchero is one of our daily reads, and is always keeping us inspired with her DIY projects, her craft projects, and just everyday living in her first home in the East Bay.

We are east bay girls (well, for college anyways) and are just loving how cozy you have made your Concord abode why did you decided to live out here instead of in the city?

As much as I love San Francisco, I always prefer coming back to the east bay where it is cleaner, quieter and I can always find a parking spot! It also makes it easier since our families and jobs are close by. Both my parents and Jon’s parents purchased their first homes in Concord, so I know we are doing something right! However, I would pick up and move in a heartbeat if Jon ended up with a law firm in the city and we had a beautiful Victorian house!

What inspired you to start blogging? What are your daily reads?

Two of my best friends had started blogs and a slow day in the office led me to do the same. I read so many blogs on a daily basis it’s easily one of my everyday joys. I love Little Molly Cake and White Lightening for fashion and witty writing, Design*Sponge and simplesong for d├ęcor and design inspiration and NieNie for her take on life and strength. Not too forget Sweet Nothings for anything and everything in between!

I must say, the reason we first stumbled upon your blog was the name..since I've spent a lot of time in Italy, it just drew me back! What is the story behind the name?

In preparation for studying abroad in Rome, Italy my brother suggested that I come up with a catch phrase that I could rattle off if I get myself into sticky situations and mix-ups (think: any episode of Three’s Company). I don’t remember who suggested it, but “sugar, sugar” came up which translates to “zucchero, zucchero” I run over you in my Vespa? “Ahhh, zucchero, zucchero!!” I spill gelato on your shirt? “Zucchero, zucchero!!”

We are crowning you the queen of DIY. Your place is amazing! DO you do them all yourself? Have you always been so crafty?
Thank you so much! With the exception of the black and white striped entryway which Jon played a pivotal role in, I mostly do them myself. I think my craftiness has been born again with the role blogs play in my life. I see so much inspiration on a daily basis, which has made me look at my own items and thrift store “junk” with a keener eye. In this economy and after purchasing my first house, being thrifty and crafty is almost necessary

What wisdom do you have for us who get so inspired by your ideas?

First, get inspired by fabrics, colors, and textures that naturally get your juices flowing. Look around your home where you notice dull or voided spots that do nothing for you. Maybe the office filing cabinet or that end table that used to be grandmas? Cover with paper, wallpaper, use painting tape and a fun bold color to create something new. Get inspiration from higher end stores and start thinking, “I can do that…!” Once you start with small projects, it will get the ball rolling and you will look at everything differently!

And finally, have you even ventured into Lafayette to see the one and only Diamond Dave at Petars?

No, but I have a feeling I will be Googling this very soon. ;)

*a note from Sweet Nothings: Diamond Dave performs at Petars weekly, which was one of the two bars we would frequent in college. He performs everything frm E-40, to Neil Diamond, Shakira, and Frank Sinatra just to name a few. Amazing.
Thanks so much to Holly for taking part in our series!! Next time we are all up in the East Bay, you will have to join us for an evening with Diamond Dave! For all of you who have not been over to her blog, hop on over! It will quickly become one of your favorites!

Happy Weekend Dolls!!


  1. great interview...I can't wait to check out her blog!

  2. another fun DIY girl, I cant wait to go over and read her blog now- thanks!!

  3. So crazy that you girls live in the East Bay. TL and i are over there all the time because his entire family lives there! Love getting to know more about Holly! I love her blog, too!

  4. yes we should all go to diamond daves!!!

  5. I just love the crafty wall stripes!!


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