Thursday, July 23, 2009

Body Inspiration

Summer is in full effect, and I know I'm late on jumping on board the getting into shape train, but I went to the No Doubt concert in Concord, and was blown away by Gwen's amazing body. I cannot believe she has had two kids! Although watching her move around stage, there is no suprise her body is so great-i'm pretty sure she burned more calories in the first two songs than I ate all day.
Who do you use as fitness inspiration?


  1. I went to the one in San Diego and she looks amazing and her singing is amazing and she makes me jealous!!! she is definitely one of my fitness inspirations...that and all the people from "the biggest loser" shows :)

  2. i would say kate winslet has a rockin bod. it's slim, very curvy, not too thin. basically everything i like. i give you mad props on the diet! i'm focusing on just eating healthier. i'm not a successful dieter.

  3. she is so is amazing!

    I am in love with Jennifer Aniston's body!

  4. I need to become a pop star STAT so I can get in that kinda post-baby shape!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!