Friday, August 28, 2009

August Blogger Interview: Megan of Lovely Happenings

Our August blogger interview is with Megan of Lovely Happenings. Her blog is amazing, and she posts whenever she is inspired, whether that is every few days or every few hours.

What we love about your blog is you post whatever inspires you, whenever. Sometimes it is once every few days, sometimes its five times a day. What is the inspiration behind you blog? Where do you look to get your posts?

I started my blog as a visual journal of images that make me smile. If I see something that evokes a positive feeling, I post it. I want people to look at my blog and be happy. It is meant to be fun and inspiring. I find things to post about from all over the place. I visit so many other blogs. Sometimes it seems unreal how many I visit. I use this to organize some of my favorite links all in one pretty place. (I seriously need to update my list though).

I am addicted to polyvore
and ">lookbook as well.

If I am feeling really uninspired and lazy then I use Stumble Upon to find new sites

What are some of your daily reads?

Sweet Nothings, of course! Coco + Kelley, Oh, Mishka ( ), La Mia Via, Cupcake and Cashmere , Style Me Pretty , I Can Read , The Frisky These are just the mains one I look at in the morning. Later in the day, I could easily add about 50 more.
We feel like we have tons in common with you: your love of London and Boston terriers to name a few, What are some other things you just cannot live without?
I would be suffering, whining, and bitching a lot without my MacBook & internet connection. I also need my hot rollers to curl my hair daily. Music……It would be impossible to get through a whole day without listening to music. I also need to see other humans. I don’t sit in isolation very well. I reason my addiction to coffee is mainly due to the fact that I go there for people watching and interaction. Oh, and I also need my dresses. I couldn’t tell you the last time I decided to wear pants. It has been a while.

You just graduated college and moved to Portland. I've spent a ton of time in Portland bc my brother went to college there, and got married up there. What are you currently doing? What would be your ideal day to spend in Portland if we only had 24 hours?

First off, Portland is amazing! If you haven’t been, get your little rear end over in this direction. Yes, I just graduated from Oregon State University (go beavs!) in June with a degree in interior design. I am excited to have graduated but bummed with the bleak outlook on jobs. I am fortunate to have a wonderful part-time job at a fabric showroom to the trade. We carry thousands of awesome fabrics that designers are constantly using for their projects. It is a good learning experience and I hope it leads to an interior design job.

Oh, Portland. There is so much to do and love. Experience the city walking, biking, or in mass transit. First, I would take in the natural beauty of the city and walk through Forest Park. It is one of the country’s largest urban forests. It is a stunning forest and it’s amazing it is within city limits. You also must go shop. I am all for shopping! My favorite place to shop is on NW 23rd street (my neighborhood in Portland). The street is lined with old houses turned into boutiques and wonderful local dining. Grab dessert at Papa Haydn while you are there too and you won’t be disappointed. The Pearl District and downtown are fabulous for taking strolls as well. Stop at Powell’s Books. It is a fabulous bookstore that takes up a whole city block. Vintage shopping is also another love of mine. A great place for that is in SE on Hawthorne. While you are out exploring the city stop by one of the many local breweries and enjoy a beer (Deschutes Brewery , Bridgeport Brewpub , Laurelwood Public House , Rogue Ales ). If you have time, then I highly advise going out to the Oregon coast. It is stunning out there! Many of the wonderful wineries are on the highway on the way out to the coast as well. The options are seriously endless. Come visit Portland and you might not leave.

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Who are the five people you would want at your dinner party, living or dead?

This is a hard question. There are so many different people I want to meet. First person at my dinner party is my Grandpa Jack. He passed away before I was born. I have always wanted to know my dad’s father. It would be intriguing to meet someone that has such an effect on my life. My second pick is Charles and Ray Eames. I am counting them as one person…they come as a pair. Deal with it. I lust over all of their chair designs. I think it would be so fascinating to meet them and see how they thought through all of their designs. Third is Coco Chanel. Hello, what fashion crazed girl wouldn’t want her at their dinner party?! John Mayer will be eating dinner with me as well. He is funny and so unbelievably talented. I could listen to him sing day after day for the rest of my life. Oh, and rumor has it that his next album is coming out this November! Lastly, Jackie Kennedy Onassis will be joining us. She was such a fascinating individual Not only was she very influential but she knew how to dress too. Oh, I might need to hire someone to cook for my dinner party. Any takers?

And Finally, an interior design question: We're all young girls, fresh out of college, struggling to decorate on a budget. Do you recommend saving for years for an original mid century modern piece, or getting the overstock or ikea version in the meantime??
Okay, I love ikea. It is great for inspiration. They have fabulous textiles and accessories. Although, I kind of cringe at someone’s whole house decked out in ikea furniture. I also worry that the furniture will break immediately after moving it. If you are looking for mid-century modern furniture I would suggest vintage shopping or looking on craigslist. You can find awesome pieces of UNIQUE furniture that are decently priced. I personally would rather have an original used vintage chair then the same old chair that my neighbor also has from ikea. I am holding out for my Eames Lounge chair instead of purchasing some half okay piece in the meantime. I can find other fun, marvelous, and cheaper chairs to sit on until then.

Thanks so much to Megan for taking part in our blogger interview series..If you haven't checked out her blog, please'll fall in love. Have a great weekend ladies!!


  1. what a fun interview!! i really enjoyed this one :)

    and p.s. my family has the chair set she wants lol actually two chairs + the ottoman. they're so comfy! too funny.

    hope you all have a splendid weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing a new blogger!

  3. I adore Megan's blog! She is such an inspiration and always makes me smile whenever I read her blog. Whether it is pretty clothes, great quotes, hot celebs or beautiful rooms! Fantastic blog and great interview!

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