Friday, September 18, 2009

September Blogger Interview: Caitlin Creer Interiors

We are so excited to have Cailtin of Caitlin Creer Interiors be our September Blogger Interview. Her blog is filled with fabulous finds, DIY projects, and amazing rooms she designs on incredible budgets.

What inspired you to start your blog?

We'll I've had a personal blog for a few years but it was always a mishmash of personal things and style related content so I decided to separate the two. I also started really marketing my interiors and I wanted a place to share my work while I work on getting my website up. I love blogging because of how it connects you with others. I have made so many awesome blog friends and it is so exciting to connect with people who share your interests.

What are your daily reads?

Totally depends but I would say Absolutely Beautiful Things tops the list. Who doesn't love Anna Spiro? I've also been reading La Dolce Vita for a long time and I love Coco + Kelley. One of my best friends has a great design blog, My Spinning Wheels and I am always excited to see what she comes up with. I also regularly read Oh Happy Day and the Cookie Nesting blog.

One of the things we love most about the rooms you create is the budgets. Finally, design is accessible to everyone. What is your design philosophy? Where do you look for inspiration when creating a space?

I have the kind of mind that instantly constructs rooms around something that is inspiring. At any given moment I have about 5 rooms that I am working out in my head and thinking about. This kind of mindset really helps when I am shopping and especially thrift shopping because I can really see the life that a piece of furniture or art could have. I read a lot of the shelter mags and shop a lot high end stores and then I think about how I can recreate the feel of those spaces on a budget. I really strive to make each space I design a reflection of who lives there. A home should capture the personality of the resident and reflect the way they live. I like to incorporate personal items wherever I can to individualize the space. I also try to set up the rooms in a way that they can grow with the people who live there, art can be added, collections can grow, accessories can change. We are living and changing every day and I think good design should live and change over time as well. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Your grandmother's quilt, the leaves from the tree in your backyard, a piece of vintage furniture, a poster. Anything can be a jumping off point for a room. I'm working on a project now that I entirely designed around a little teeny postcard. Nothing is too big or too small to be inspiring.

The short list of inspiration right now include, the charcoal grey of pencil lead, colorful print of my new J. Crew dress, vintage Babar posters, a vintage lucite and resin necklace I got at a flea market in NY, Painted wood floors, all you bloggers and your awesome diy projects, and everything from the children's store flora and henri.

If price was no object, what are your dream design pieces to include in a room
This is a hard question since I am always thinking on a budget. I love love love Madeliene Weinrib rugs and I will have one someday. I would pretty much take one of everything that Lee Industries makes but especially their sofas.

I really love vintage pieces so I would probably opt for some thing really great from Pieces or C. Bell. I also have a serious obsession with clawfoot bathtubs so I guess I would have to include one of those on the list and I also love Ann Sacks tile.

What is the most important piece of advice you have ever been given?
When I was in high school I found a quote from Judy Garland that said, "Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else." I think individuality is so important. Especially in design you have to embrace your unique point of view and skill set. We all have so much to contribute in this world but we need to be confident in our own ideas and abilities to do that effectively.

Finally, life or death situation, you must choose: Do you go on a date with Mario Lopez aka AC Slater or MPG as Zack Morris?
I laughed when I read this because in high school my husband's nick name was Zack Morris. He's a tall blond who's a wisecrack so I guess it fits. And I think MPG is really cute too.

Thanks so much to Caitlin for paticipating! If you haven't please hop on over to her blog and be inspired beyond belief!


  1. Love her stuff, very informative blog. Great interview too.

  2. Yay! I love Caitlin. Thanks for featuring her. She is so sweet, stylish and thrifty!!

  3. Glad that I found your blog - it's fabulous. Great post on CC too!

  4. Caitlin truly does have a dozen projects she is working out in here head. I admire her ability to tackle so much and keep things unique. I tend to itemize and want to do things 'one at a time'. It doesn't always work that way with design though! So she has a gift for it.

    And I love the Zack Morris question. Too funny.

  5. Great interview, I will have to go to her blog!

  6. Love her style! Great post! She has an amazing blog!


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