Friday, October 30, 2009

"Room- or -Treat?"

Hi! This is Carlee from over at Deliciously Organized and I'm thrilled to be guest blogging for the ladies of Sweet Nothings! I couldn't have done a post that wasn't tied in some way to cupcakes because not only is it in the ladies blogger heading, but when you mix the words sweet and delicious you can't really pass up the opportunity to add a little sweet treat to a post! In honor of the big Hallows' Eve coming up, I thought I would pair a few rooms with some creepy treats!

I love how that little orange phone pops in this monochromatic room...just like the witches candy corn noses!

or these creepy spiders mixed with a funky room...

Ok, so this one is a bit of a stretch...but I'm loving James Merrell this week and I thought his photograph on the right just fit! {his work is amazing and if you have time you should pop over and check out his work}

Love this big graphic rug up against that white bed

This bedroom looks pefect for the fall! Especially that cozy throw!

I adore the gallery style hanging over this bed

One of my favorites of the bunch. LOVE that headboard!

And I think I'll leave you with this creepy spider that meets a perfectly organized office space!

Whether you're dressing up for a big party, handing out candy to little ones or just hanging home and watching scary movies...I hope you all have an amazing weekend and a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Costume Ideas for the Creative and Classy by Sarah Danielle of Jeune Marie

Hello Lovelies! While Sara & Danielle are away, they asked me to keep you company in their absence, and while I could never be as adorable, witty and charming as these two gals... I'm going to give it a try today with a post about Halloween costume ideas for the creative and classy!

My name is Sarah Danielle (coincidence!) and I "met" the Sweet Nothing girls via my blog (Jeune Marie) where I discuss being a newlywed (that's me & the husband up there... blissfully bar hoping this past weekend), event planning, fashion and life in general. I adore Halloween. I love the parties, the decorations, the food. It's all great in my book. One thing however that seems to become more confusing year after year however, is the costume. What to be for Halloween? I tend not to go the slutty "fill in the blank" route anymore (anymore, as in... I have been a slutty cop, nurse, french maid, etc. and am totally done). Of course I still want to be sexy, but I'm totally fine with my ass not being "out in the wind" so to speak. So if your in my boat, I have come up with a few costume ideas that might spark a few inspirations of your own.

1. Betty Boop: I used Heidi Klum's interpretation of Miss Boop for this costume. She made her version a bit more frightening by adding vampire fangs. Spooky!

2. Lady Gaga: I am sure there will be a lot of girls going Gaga for Halloween this year, but I couldn't help myself. She is just SO fun. A great party look and SWEET hair bow!

3. Rachel Zoe: Her signature look is so easy to recreate and really make your own. A funny suggestion from a friend would be to go dressed as a zombie Rachel Zoe, by wearing zombie make up, a little faux blood and repeatedly chanting "I DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" all night long, Ha!

All of these costumes are easy and comfortable and... you can always make them sexier should your little heart desire! Hope this inspires you this Halloween, what will you be going as???

Aside from the wigs (found via google search) all of the pieces for each of these costumes can be purchased at forever 21.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forever Frugal Halloween Costumes

Hello Sweet Nothing Readers!

It's Lyndsy from Yellow Brick Blog and I am just so honored and excited to be included in this guest blog posting series. Even though I have never had the pleasure to meet Danielle or Sara in person, I feel lucky to call them my bloggy friends!

When the gals asked me to post on something Halloween, my brain immediately freaked out as I am not the biggest fan of Halloween in general. And wouldn't you just know that I freaked out so much that I just finalized this post today, even though I have had weeks to work on it? It seems fitting however, seeing as I always seem to procrastinate right around Halloween and then scramble to put together a costume last minute.

Well my darlings, if this sounds like a predicament you have put yourself in already (ps...Halloween is only 3 days away - EEK) then check out my do it yourself costumes that can easily be composed with things you are already have at home, or a quick trip over to Forever 21.

(click to enlarge photo) boy shorts, socks, candlestick, men's shirt

This costume is perhaps the easiest (and most baring) but if you got the guts than share the glory! Added bonus...dancing on the couch and proclaiming your love for Katie brings this costume into more modern times.

boy shorts, faux red boots, Hunter Wellie Red Boots, men's shirt

If you have been looking for an excuse to buy those Red Hunter Boots, look no further! Again, this costume leaves little to the imagination, but if you have the confidence to pull it off, you are sure to be the hit of the party! Added Bonus if you find a Brad Pitt look alike to complete the pairing of Mr & Mrs Smith.

Chucks, V-Neck Tee, jean shorts, striped knee high socks

If you and your girlfriends are looking for a group costume, why not go as the SENIOR girls from Dazed & Confused. Pick up some iron on letters at your local craft store, spell out senior and then let the hazing begin. Added Bonus if you can get some party goers to lay on the ground and "fry like bacon"!

earrings, red lipstick, heels, belt, leggings, leotard

I got chills...and so will everyone else in this sexy number. Added Bonus, get the entire crowd to replicate the end dancing sequence from Grease. You're the one that I want, you are the one..ooh,ooh,ooh..honey!

faux fur vest, sunglasses, blouse,high-waisted wide-leg jeans, necklace, ring, starbucks

Want to go all out...then Rachel Zoe is the costume for you. Grab your Venti Starbucks cup (no one needs to know what is really in that cup) and throw on your darkest, biggest shades. Added Bonus, walk around with you own Brad & Taylor and shout out "I DIE", and "That's Banana's" as often as possible and offer style advice to other party goers!

Hopefully, whatever costume you have planned and whatever your budget may have an excellent time and a night to remember! Cheers and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Halloween Throwback

Hello loves - my apologies for getting this post up so late in the day. My name is Logan and I blog over at Oh Hello! I was so flattered to be asked to guest-blog for Sara and Danielle, so without further ado...

This Halloween I’ve chosen to look to the olden days where costumes were a bit more inventive and, one might say, conservative. Take a look here or here if you’re unsure of what I’m getting at.

That being said, let's feast our eyes on the more creative and gorgeously macabre parts of the holiday. These are from Tim Burton's Harper's Bazaar editorial mixed in with some vintage shots from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Ahh, don't you just love these images? It brings me back to the true spirit of the holiday. I hope you loved them as much as I did!


Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY: Be-dazzle my pumpkin!

Hello loves,

It’s Camila from High-Heeled Foot in the Door and when the lovely ladies of Sweet Nothings asked me to guest blog I was super excited. I knew I had to pick the perfect thing to blog about on my appointed day. I already had my mind working in overdrive trying to come up with something when I realized that the ladies wanted me to talk about HALLOWEEN.

Now I have nothing against Halloween. I love all holidays, but lately with all the design work going on in my own home and with clients I rarely have time to think about holiday decorations.

It took a little thinking, but I thought of a perfect DIY project that reflected both me and Sara & Danielle.

I headed out yesterday in search for the perfect pumpkin and I think I did pretty well. Here is what I came home with:


Of course I needed to add a little glam to this pumpkin and while my original thoughts had been a monogram or polka dots I went with jewels instead!

Next step was free hand a design onto the pumpkin. I went with swirls:


Here is a shot of it with all of my swirls:


When I went to the craft store I decided to jewel up my pumpkin with pearls! My original thought had been rhinestones, but that would have cost too much and I wanted this to be a budget DIY project so pearls it was! A bag of 300 was $4!

I didn’t want to just hot glue them, because I figured that very easily they would fall apart so I had to ask the hubby for help! Of course Jon came up with a solution and we used a drill gun to make a billion holes!


As you can see I got a little excited and started placing the pearls in right away!


To place the pearls into the holes you simply needed to use your thumb to bump them into place. I also used a small hammer to knock some into place when I was having difficulties.


Here it is finished up!


I knew the kitchen island wasn’t the ideal space for it so this morning it made it’s way into the living room where it will stay during the fall season!


Close up of pearls:


This project was super easy and inexpensive. The pumpkin cost $13 and one bag of pearls was $4. It took about an 1 hr and 15 mins. I would totally recommend adding some bling to your pumpkins the possibilities are endless.

You could have also gotten a similar effect using silver or white thumbtacks. This would have cut out the drilling step, but I wanted it to have some dimension, which is why I went with pearls instead.

I hope I made the ladies of Sweet Nothings proud! Plus thanks to think I was able to get into the Halloween spirit!



Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy friday dolls! We will be taking next week off due to business trips/work/and just general life and have some amazing guest bloggers planned for you all! We know you will love them.
We've given them a little theme to follow..HALLOWEEN, but told them that it is only a starting point..I'm sure they are going to get super creative with it!
So, we'll be back November 2nd, and to hold you over until then here are some pictures of what is inspiring us this Halloween. We'll have pics to share with you guys when we're back!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Put a fork in me, I'm done

Hello ladies! Today is going to be a personal post, so hope you don't mind.
For the past 20 weeks I have been on this life changing journey. While I hesitate to call it a diet, bc it really has been a lifestyle change. Not only have I lost reached my goal( -50 lbs from when I started) I feel better, have learned how to eat-the first day, you learn about portions. I recommend everyone look at the size of the portions you eat, you would be amazed!-and have an overall healthier outlook on life. Since graduating college and living on my own, the stress and other factors caused me to really let myself go, and I can honestly say this journey has brought me back to the happy person I was! I'm not going to say it wasn't hard-there were many trips up to San Francisco with a cooler of food in my trunk-and that I didn't cheat..I did twice..once with Sara in Palm Springs and on amazing red velvet cake at Jaclyn's wedding, but it was worth it.
I never thought I would be able to reach my goal and I know I will be able to maintain with the amazing support of my family and friends-and thanks to my fabulous parents, a new wardrobe for myself..
So, as I enter the lifetime maintence of this program, I will probably slip up a few times, but I encourage everyone to try their would be amazed at what you can accomplish when you really try!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Place to rest my head


After graduating college in May of 2008, I ended up moving back in with my parents. Initially, I thought I would be living at home for a couple of months, a year at the most...then I lost my first job, and things got complicated--now, a year and a half later, I am finally moving into an adorable apartment with my best friend since the 7th grade. We checked out a few apartments in the last couple of weeks, and sent in just one application on Sunday, and Monday afternoon we got the call that we could have the place! It's in Upper Market/Castro which is a great neighborhood in the, and fit perfectly into our budget...I'm so excited to move in this weekend. I'll post pics once we have it all nice and furnished, and cute!
I feel like such a grown up, sorry mom and dad, looks like the baby bird is finally leaving the nest.

On a side note, my friend emailed me this video on Monday which took away the post weekend blues, so I thought I would share it with you on this HumpDay.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Love Letter for You

A Love Letter for You is a project in Philly that promotes art not grafitti on the streets.
If you live in the area , check the website out because it tells you what streets/freeways to get the best view of these great pieces of art.

Here are my favorites:

Sara that one is for you :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

October Blogger Interview: Kelly from Just a Girl in a City

We are SO SO excited to feature Kelly of Just a Girl in a City for our monthly interview. We feel like Kelly is one of our girlfriends, and know if we all lived in the same city we would be sharing weekly cocktails and girl talk..she is just that adorable! So enjoy..
What inspired you to start blogging?

It's actually a funny story. A girl, well sorority sister more specifically, in college who I had happen to have a with class got me hooked. She would read blogs during our class and I never understood what she was really looking at. Even after she tried explaining it to me I never fully grasped the concept of blogging.

Then one rainy day I was home, super bored, and at the time needing something new in my life {coincidentally!}, I ventured onto a mutual friend's blog which then lead me to hers.
And of course her's was darling!! I mean, who doesn't love Oh, Hello Her sweet and chic writing accompanied by her eye for photos sucked me in instantly and I knew I had to have one!
I really did not have a planned "purpose" for my blog, hence my first posting (haha!), it was just an outlet of boredom for me which, a year and 8 months later, turned into something incredible! I have met a large number of amazing people through my little blog and I'm so so grateful for them! So there it is, I give Logan all the credit for my blogging.
Thanks, pretty Lo :)

What are some of your daily must reads?
{Lost in Translation {I want to travel just like her and be her friend!}
Sterling Style {I want to be her friend! And who doesn't love her outfit posts??}
Then I got to thinking...{she is one of my best friends and I love reading about what's going on in her life}
Sweet Nothings {of course! there's a darling friendship if I've ever seen one},
The Voyage of V {she cracks me up daily}
Nie Nie Dialogues {makes you love the little things in life},
Oh, Hello {I just love her}
Vanessa's" Runway {I love her outlook on life and her constant positive attitude!}
Everyday Delights {she is so sweet you can't help but smile when you read her posts}. {another one of my best friends and a great way to keep up with her busy life}.

Oh my gosh there are so many more and I just cannot list them all!! All of the bloggers that comment on my posts are daily reads! I genuinely love them all!
They are all so unique, different and eye catching!

Fall is finally here in so cal! What are some of your favorite things about fall?

Fall is the best time of the year! Some of my favorite things are:

Pumpkins, rosy cheeks, cozy blankets, football games, good food, romance, using the fireplace, hot chocolate, candles, scarves, boots, big sweaters, the crisp air, the colors of the changing leaves, pumpkin flavored everything(!), the nearing holidays, and yet again the list can go on.

You recently graduated and now get to blog as part of your job! What is your new job and what is a typical day like for you?

My typical day is pretty busy. I usually come in in the morning, see what is needed to get done, which is usually paperwork, phone calls to be made, tons of emails need to be answered, etc. Once I get all of the organizing and busy work done I get the chance to update all of the online sites. I try and twitter as much as I can through out the day. I'll do research for future blog posts, update their facebook, and sometimes reorganize the blog {I'm always moving things around haha!}. I'll also blog for that day, usually one or two posts. Their blog is so new still that there are barely any readers so I'm working on that too!
I love blogging for them!

What is the best advice you have ever been given/ a motto you try to live your life by?
"An Honest man is an honorable man."
Hurting people to save your own name isn't worth it in the end. It just makes you a fool especially when you get caught.


{bottom image}
Oh man, I'm not sure I can pick that! Right now, my life is in Southern California, so for now that is better for me. But for the previous 5 years, Northern California would have been my answer. I miss the city, but it would be different for me to live there now. All of my dear friends have moved away and are no longer in the area {minus a few} so it wouldn't be the same. I think in 5 years I'll be back there. My family and boyfriend know that it means a great deal for me to get back up there!
I'm torn! Sorry, girls!
Thanks so much to Kelly for participating! And if you haven't, go check out her blog!