Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coco Before Chanel

I was supposed to see "Coco Before Chanel" last night, and was excited beyond words for it...unfortunately, a truck overturned on the bridge I take to get home, and ended up staying across the Bay at my friends house. I now have another thing to add to my excitement for the weekend after going to the Treasure Island Festival for some live music, and watching my friend run in the Nike Woman's Marathon...

I'll give you all an update/review when I finally see the movie


  1. omg wasn't the traffic terrible! I work in Walnut Creek and drove home via the Richmond bridge and then GGBridge... yikes! (all because I didn't want to take BART and a bus, haha) The drive took 2 hours and I definitely would have stopped to see a friend if I didn't have plans at 7pm in the city. hope you get to see the movie soon =).

  2. I heard that the traffic was miserable!! i bet people all over the place were in a jam. bummer you didnt get to see it, but hey, thats what the weekend is for :) Have fun at the festival!

  3. dang...i hate traffic!!! especially when it hinders my plans!!!

    anyways, i want to see that movie too!!! do share the details once you've seen it!!!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!