Thursday, October 29, 2009

Costume Ideas for the Creative and Classy by Sarah Danielle of Jeune Marie

Hello Lovelies! While Sara & Danielle are away, they asked me to keep you company in their absence, and while I could never be as adorable, witty and charming as these two gals... I'm going to give it a try today with a post about Halloween costume ideas for the creative and classy!

My name is Sarah Danielle (coincidence!) and I "met" the Sweet Nothing girls via my blog (Jeune Marie) where I discuss being a newlywed (that's me & the husband up there... blissfully bar hoping this past weekend), event planning, fashion and life in general. I adore Halloween. I love the parties, the decorations, the food. It's all great in my book. One thing however that seems to become more confusing year after year however, is the costume. What to be for Halloween? I tend not to go the slutty "fill in the blank" route anymore (anymore, as in... I have been a slutty cop, nurse, french maid, etc. and am totally done). Of course I still want to be sexy, but I'm totally fine with my ass not being "out in the wind" so to speak. So if your in my boat, I have come up with a few costume ideas that might spark a few inspirations of your own.

1. Betty Boop: I used Heidi Klum's interpretation of Miss Boop for this costume. She made her version a bit more frightening by adding vampire fangs. Spooky!

2. Lady Gaga: I am sure there will be a lot of girls going Gaga for Halloween this year, but I couldn't help myself. She is just SO fun. A great party look and SWEET hair bow!

3. Rachel Zoe: Her signature look is so easy to recreate and really make your own. A funny suggestion from a friend would be to go dressed as a zombie Rachel Zoe, by wearing zombie make up, a little faux blood and repeatedly chanting "I DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" all night long, Ha!

All of these costumes are easy and comfortable and... you can always make them sexier should your little heart desire! Hope this inspires you this Halloween, what will you be going as???

Aside from the wigs (found via google search) all of the pieces for each of these costumes can be purchased at forever 21.


  1. love the betty boop idea! What a great excuse to wear a red cocktail dress with darling red gloves, thanks for the idea =)

  2. I love your classy ideas! I agree with the above comment, the betty boop idea sounds perfect!

  3. great costume finds Sarah..i looooove me some lady gaga..


...thanks for the comments sweetness!