Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY: Be-dazzle my pumpkin!

Hello loves,

It’s Camila from High-Heeled Foot in the Door and when the lovely ladies of Sweet Nothings asked me to guest blog I was super excited. I knew I had to pick the perfect thing to blog about on my appointed day. I already had my mind working in overdrive trying to come up with something when I realized that the ladies wanted me to talk about HALLOWEEN.

Now I have nothing against Halloween. I love all holidays, but lately with all the design work going on in my own home and with clients I rarely have time to think about holiday decorations.

It took a little thinking, but I thought of a perfect DIY project that reflected both me and Sara & Danielle.

I headed out yesterday in search for the perfect pumpkin and I think I did pretty well. Here is what I came home with:


Of course I needed to add a little glam to this pumpkin and while my original thoughts had been a monogram or polka dots I went with jewels instead!

Next step was free hand a design onto the pumpkin. I went with swirls:


Here is a shot of it with all of my swirls:


When I went to the craft store I decided to jewel up my pumpkin with pearls! My original thought had been rhinestones, but that would have cost too much and I wanted this to be a budget DIY project so pearls it was! A bag of 300 was $4!

I didn’t want to just hot glue them, because I figured that very easily they would fall apart so I had to ask the hubby for help! Of course Jon came up with a solution and we used a drill gun to make a billion holes!


As you can see I got a little excited and started placing the pearls in right away!


To place the pearls into the holes you simply needed to use your thumb to bump them into place. I also used a small hammer to knock some into place when I was having difficulties.


Here it is finished up!


I knew the kitchen island wasn’t the ideal space for it so this morning it made it’s way into the living room where it will stay during the fall season!


Close up of pearls:


This project was super easy and inexpensive. The pumpkin cost $13 and one bag of pearls was $4. It took about an 1 hr and 15 mins. I would totally recommend adding some bling to your pumpkins the possibilities are endless.

You could have also gotten a similar effect using silver or white thumbtacks. This would have cut out the drilling step, but I wanted it to have some dimension, which is why I went with pearls instead.

I hope I made the ladies of Sweet Nothings proud! Plus thanks to think I was able to get into the Halloween spirit!




  1. This looks amazing! What a great idea! Kori xoxo

  2. This is too cute- gotta love Camila!

  3. Gorgeous and so original. The pearls are an elegant detail. I wonder if it would work as well with nailheads...


  4. Camilla you always have the BEST ideas! I would have NEVER thought this one up! So lovely and original, it's perfection! I think I am your biggest fan! GO TEAM CAM!

  5. Love it, Camila! It looks so classy, too! I like the pearls even more than the rhinestones, so glad that thriftiness brought us this project!

  6. This turned out sooo cute and so fun! What a brilliant idea! Love it!!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, thanks for sharing! That looks gorgeous, I want to try it right now!

  8. Love this idea...I can't wait to do it!!


  9. This looks absolutely gorgeous!!! So brilliant I immediately want to go out and get me a pumpkin. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ah Camila this is great! so cute and so you!

  11. Such a darling idea!!! I love the non-conventional decorating of pumpkins this year! I spray painted some pumpkins with gold paint and loved it. I'll have to try this out too!

  12. Great idea - way to come up with a chic pumpkin that will last well into the Holiday season!

  13. Simply divine + thoroughly seasonal! What an amazing DIY. Many kudos to you!


  14. I like this blog from the beginning I was searching how to decorate my cute pumpkin in new style but when I came to this blog it really helps me out and very much thankful to sweet nothings. I am going to design it using the same method but in different style. Once again thank you and happy Halloween.

  15. Awesome idea, so creative, love the bling look!
    Thanks for sharing! Donna


...thanks for the comments sweetness!