Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Halloween Throwback

Hello loves - my apologies for getting this post up so late in the day. My name is Logan and I blog over at Oh Hello! I was so flattered to be asked to guest-blog for Sara and Danielle, so without further ado...

This Halloween I’ve chosen to look to the olden days where costumes were a bit more inventive and, one might say, conservative. Take a look here or here if you’re unsure of what I’m getting at.

That being said, let's feast our eyes on the more creative and gorgeously macabre parts of the holiday. These are from Tim Burton's Harper's Bazaar editorial mixed in with some vintage shots from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Ahh, don't you just love these images? It brings me back to the true spirit of the holiday. I hope you loved them as much as I did!



  1. Oh I love these shots I can't get enough of Tim BUrton so dark and deep!!!

  2. dont wanna take away from your lovely post, but i cannot get over that anna rexia costume. who manufactures this junk!?

  3. No, you are totally right! If it's not the sexualization of children's costumes, it's something completely offensive and disgusting.

  4. Hi. Beautiful images. It makes me feel the atmosphere of old times when Halloween was not so much commercial and having a costume had required imagination and skills to make it by yourself. I think that home made costumes are always more valuable than the others.


  5. Logan! Such a great post!!! I love all of the pictures.

    And I agree with you and holly about the anna rexia costume!! that's so wrong..

  6. Lo,

    Fantastic post!! I love Halloween in it's traditional sense!!! Love your writing style and the photos!!!

  7. Halloween throwback is a nice blog and when I went through it I found out some interesting topic and the picture which is uploaded in the blog is amazing. Among the picture the second one look perfect and I like the idea of it. Moreover the atmosphere feels like an old times when Halloween was not so commercial.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!