Friday, October 16, 2009

October Blogger Interview: Kelly from Just a Girl in a City

We are SO SO excited to feature Kelly of Just a Girl in a City for our monthly interview. We feel like Kelly is one of our girlfriends, and know if we all lived in the same city we would be sharing weekly cocktails and girl talk..she is just that adorable! So enjoy..
What inspired you to start blogging?

It's actually a funny story. A girl, well sorority sister more specifically, in college who I had happen to have a with class got me hooked. She would read blogs during our class and I never understood what she was really looking at. Even after she tried explaining it to me I never fully grasped the concept of blogging.

Then one rainy day I was home, super bored, and at the time needing something new in my life {coincidentally!}, I ventured onto a mutual friend's blog which then lead me to hers.
And of course her's was darling!! I mean, who doesn't love Oh, Hello Her sweet and chic writing accompanied by her eye for photos sucked me in instantly and I knew I had to have one!
I really did not have a planned "purpose" for my blog, hence my first posting (haha!), it was just an outlet of boredom for me which, a year and 8 months later, turned into something incredible! I have met a large number of amazing people through my little blog and I'm so so grateful for them! So there it is, I give Logan all the credit for my blogging.
Thanks, pretty Lo :)

What are some of your daily must reads?
{Lost in Translation {I want to travel just like her and be her friend!}
Sterling Style {I want to be her friend! And who doesn't love her outfit posts??}
Then I got to thinking...{she is one of my best friends and I love reading about what's going on in her life}
Sweet Nothings {of course! there's a darling friendship if I've ever seen one},
The Voyage of V {she cracks me up daily}
Nie Nie Dialogues {makes you love the little things in life},
Oh, Hello {I just love her}
Vanessa's" Runway {I love her outlook on life and her constant positive attitude!}
Everyday Delights {she is so sweet you can't help but smile when you read her posts}. {another one of my best friends and a great way to keep up with her busy life}.

Oh my gosh there are so many more and I just cannot list them all!! All of the bloggers that comment on my posts are daily reads! I genuinely love them all!
They are all so unique, different and eye catching!

Fall is finally here in so cal! What are some of your favorite things about fall?

Fall is the best time of the year! Some of my favorite things are:

Pumpkins, rosy cheeks, cozy blankets, football games, good food, romance, using the fireplace, hot chocolate, candles, scarves, boots, big sweaters, the crisp air, the colors of the changing leaves, pumpkin flavored everything(!), the nearing holidays, and yet again the list can go on.

You recently graduated and now get to blog as part of your job! What is your new job and what is a typical day like for you?

My typical day is pretty busy. I usually come in in the morning, see what is needed to get done, which is usually paperwork, phone calls to be made, tons of emails need to be answered, etc. Once I get all of the organizing and busy work done I get the chance to update all of the online sites. I try and twitter as much as I can through out the day. I'll do research for future blog posts, update their facebook, and sometimes reorganize the blog {I'm always moving things around haha!}. I'll also blog for that day, usually one or two posts. Their blog is so new still that there are barely any readers so I'm working on that too!
I love blogging for them!

What is the best advice you have ever been given/ a motto you try to live your life by?
"An Honest man is an honorable man."
Hurting people to save your own name isn't worth it in the end. It just makes you a fool especially when you get caught.


{bottom image}
Oh man, I'm not sure I can pick that! Right now, my life is in Southern California, so for now that is better for me. But for the previous 5 years, Northern California would have been my answer. I miss the city, but it would be different for me to live there now. All of my dear friends have moved away and are no longer in the area {minus a few} so it wouldn't be the same. I think in 5 years I'll be back there. My family and boyfriend know that it means a great deal for me to get back up there!
I'm torn! Sorry, girls!
Thanks so much to Kelly for participating! And if you haven't, go check out her blog!


  1. Ooooh I adore Kelly, and I definitely want to be her friend!! Such a great interview, girls. And fab answers, Kelly :)

  2. What a great interview. I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. thank you so much for featuring me! i loved it!!

  4. Great interview! I love Kelly (Thanks for the mention)! She is so sweet! I had no idea that she knew and lived with Nicole Maire. Ha! Small world! xx Taylor

  5. i love the beach photo..hope all is good over here with you two..


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