Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday Dress options and my one halloween pic

My birthday is a little over a month away, and I am turning the big 2-5, and am def planning on getting dressed up to celebrate my quarter life landmark-and even better, my other blog half will be coming down to LA for the festivities.

Always super excited to plan ahead, I have found some options that I LOVE(all from bloomingdales)..

Theory feather dress

Nanette Leopore sequin and feather dress

Robert Rodriguez studded one shoulder

Theory leather dress

Which ones are we loving ladies? I would take any or all of them for the big night...

Also, I had one too many cocktails on Saturday to remember to take pictures of my full costume, but here is me with one of my good friends...I went as Cleopatra


  1. I love the feather dress! Perfect for the big 25! Cute pic of you on Halloween. Hope you had a great weekend. Happy Tuesday! Kori xoxo

  2. Darling picture! You look gorgeous in blue! I DIE for the Robert Rodriquez dress but am also REALLY digging the Theory Feather Dress! Happy almost birthday!!

  3. LOVING the first dress! So unique and fun. Perfect for a 25th birhtday!

  4. The Nanette Lepore & Robert Rodriguez both get my vote!

  5. you look so pretty....go with 1 or 2...the feathers are so much fun!

  6. I love the first two! I just got a new Nanette Lepore sequined dress and LOVE IT! To me, the first two def. scream Birthday! Plus, who doesn't want to wear feathers on their bday? Hope you pick one you love!

  7. Oh, Happy birthday! I love the Nanette Leopore sequin and feather dress

  8. dang, i'm really liking all of them...so any of them would be a winner in my eyes!!! yay for birthdays!!! they are always so fun!!

  9. look at you skinny minnie! you look awesome!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!