Monday, December 7, 2009

Current Interior Obsessions

Here are some rooms that currently make my heart flutter.
Hope you feel the same on this Monday morning!

Trellis wallpaper

a bright Christmas display

sunburst mirrors

Rubie Green curtains

bold wallpaper with even bolder benches

pink and black christmas decorations

chevron pillows and elephants

mural walls


  1. i'm still loving the trellis print and chevrons - don't think i'll get tired of those any time soon!

  2. Oh what I would give to have pink and black Christmas decor - SO lovely!

  3. Those make me happy too- very pretty images

  4. I really, really like all of these images. I loved that episdoe that the first photograph came from Pure Design!

  5. I am currently obsessed with chevron prints!

  6. You are right it makes my heart flutter too. Really love this sunburst mirrors and I think it is fit for my living room too.

    Paula M


...thanks for the comments sweetness!