Wednesday, February 24, 2010


There is nothing I love more than summer days by the beach or pool, with a good book. My favorite summer reads are the "chick lit" genre, books you don't take too seriously, can probably figure out the ending, and the perfect amount of empowerment, romance, and climbing the corporate ladder(always in some fabulous PR or Fashion job) I also can't resist a good comic autobiography that make you laugh so hard you cry.

Here are some books I already have pre-ordered off amazon:

I CANNOT wait to hear about all of Carrie's college adventures

Her other works, something borrowed and something blue are must reads

Chelsea Handler has lived the funniest life ever. Don't have someone read her stories out loud while you are driving..not that I've done that and almost drove off the freeway
Warning: Tucker Max books aren't for everyone. They're offensive, rauchy, and often illegal.
But I love them.

And for those of us who can never be without our favorite book, these darling Kate Spade clutches


  1. omg you and I have very similar taste in books! I can't wait to read ALL OF THOSE. I blogged once about my experience reading tucker max, and an experience it really was!

  2. Fun, some new books to add to the reading list. Thanks!

  3. Nothing beats a good book! If you like chick-lit, I highly recommend Air Kisses by Zoe Foster!

  4. I cannot wait to read Chelsea's new book! I have read both already and am going to see her in PHX n March 11th!! Oh and the Carrie diaries are on my list too!

  5. OOH those all look so great! I didn't know about the Carrie College one! Dying to read that! And Chelsea Handler KILLS me...seriously laugh out loud funny! I still need to read the first Tucker Max novel but from the potions I have read, I am pretty sure I will love them!

  6. Love that first photo! Definitely one of my favourite Summer pastimes as well.

  7. I love Emily Giffin, and I have not heard of this book- I'm putting it on my list right now!

  8. Looking forward to Carroe's book too..I bought it already, should be in my hand by April I hope! :))

    Jen Ramos


...thanks for the comments sweetness!