Friday, February 26, 2010

In the Bag: Everything LEB

We're so excited to have Everything LEB as our February In the Bag! A 20 something decor loving, Boston girl( we'll forgive her for loving the Red Sox!) her blog is a must read as she decorates the apartment she lives in with her boyfriend

I love this series on your blog. I am a totally nosey person when it comes to things like this and I love seeing what other people carry as their essentials everyday. I am so flattered that you girls would ask me to be part of this and check out whats in my back. I have tried to get rid of stuff but I just cant seem to get rid of anything I carry- it all seems to be needed, the 20 lip glosses and all.

My bag is just an inexpensive one I picked up from Ann Taylor Loft. I think its kinda ugly but I ride the train to and from work and my bag ends up on the floor often. Gross I know but that's why its an inexpensive one so I'm not too attached to it. I keep my nice bags for the weekends or times when I know it wont end up on the train floor

Here is what's in my bag (left to right)

Bills- If I dont keep them in my bag I will totally forget to pay them. I am in the process of getting them all online but there are a few that apparently dont change things even when I call them 100 times to tell them to stop sending me a paper one.

Kate Spade Planner- this still needs updating, I dont have a 2010 calender in there yet but hopefully soon. I do have a notes part that gets alot of use though, I like to write everything down.

Wallet- since I balance my checkbook like a crazy person I like to carry it with me, hence the large wallet to hold everything.

Hand Sanitizer, Zicam, and 4 lip gloss things.

Prada T pass holder- When I first got my job that required me to take the T to work I bought this to hold my pass.

Sunglasses- never know when its going to be sunny out.

Kate Space pencil bag- I have my "lady things" in there...hey you asked to see everything in my bag

Gum- I love my gum

Pocket Mirror- who wants to walk around with something in their teeth.

Gloves- its really cold lately, so I'm always prepared.

Keys- being locked out would be no fun.

So there you have it, I hope you all liked seeing what I carry around with me all the time. Thank you again to Danielle and Sara for asking me to be a part of this fun series!!


  1. Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this series!! It actually made me clean out my bag too- now I'm carrying around less and my shoulders and back are thanking you too :)

  2. You have good stuff in YOUR bag! Yikes, I'd be embarrased to show mine, which usually includes a tape measure, my camerea, notebook and everything else just thrown in! Fun read! Janell

  3. I'm totally nosey too so I love this series. Fun getting a peek into everyone's handbags. Makes me what to clean mine up a bit!

  4. Oh, I totally forgot to include my phone! My bad :)

  5. Love her blog! Great guest post... I love the Prada T pass holder and I still use a Kate Spade planner too :)

  6. I love this idea. Thank goodness it's not my bag being spilled out {just in case, I am now keeping it clean}

    This has been fun!
    Love your blog~

  7. I love this series!! such a fun idea. People would probably giggle at the contents of my bag most days :)

  8. This is such a fun series! I would be mortified to actually show some of things I have in my purse (most of them belong to my kids), but I love seeing how others live.

  9. love it all, the planner is adorable!

  10. what a fun series. I always have my sunglasses too, you never know.

  11. This is such a fun series! Love peaking into others' bags - and it has me seriously thinking about how badly I need to clean mine out! Fun post! Marija

  12. Great guest blogging. Wow everything is so pretty and orginized. Love the gloves.

  13. I posted the same thing a while back.

    I love peeking inside hand bags...

  14. This is the best series! I love Lindsey and getting to see what is in her bag!

  15. gotta love Kate Spade....and Stride is my gum of choice!

  16. Oh snap! you keep your bills in your purse? that would bring down my whole money ju-ju...

    But you are very organized and i loved this post (gave me an idea for keeping my gloves handy)so it's cool. TFS

  17. Love my Linds! we have a lot of the same stuff in our bags! great series!


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