Monday, February 22, 2010

Occasionally she dreams of Italy...

Some days I get really nostalgic for my days when I got to travel around Italy. I've been very fortunate to be able to go a few times, but I think my favorite had to be when I was studying Christian Art in Jan 2007.

One of the best months of my life

Chilling with the Pope
Fitting in the sights while shopping in Milan

Nights out with my roomates(yes, I am carrying around a bottle of wine. when in Rome..)
Visiting the Trevi Fountain when my parents came to visit
Gorg day trips to Genoa(this was during a summer trip)
classes at the Collesium
a touching 9-11 tribute in Venice
Long dinners with lots and lots of wine
and dancing the night away in discos


  1. I'm planning a trip to Italy now! This got me so excited! :)

  2. Oh you must have had an amazing time! My sister studied abroad in Italy and I had a blast going to visit with her in Rome, Florence and Venice!

  3. Whenever I see things like this I ask myself a million times over why I am not/have not studied abroad! Gorgeousness. I need to live in that first picture.

  4. I really hope to visit Italy one day :) Your pictures only make me yearn for it more!

  5. love the signature pose at the end! I miss your face love.... see you soon!


  6. I am so with you!! I studied abroad there in 2006 and I miss it so much! I'm hoping for a return in September 2011...

  7. Love that last shot! I am DYING to go to Italy and these pictures just make me want to pack up and go!

  8. Looks like you had a blast while you were there. I would love to visit Italy some time in the near future!

  9. looks to me like GREAT memories :)

    love your pictures!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!