Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Project Update!!

As promised, I was hoping to share a great green project with you all today, and lucky for you, this weekend wrapped up THREE projects I have been working on!

Let's start with the one I mentioned on Friday..

We painted my front door Kelly Green!! I just LOVE it, it totally pops, and is such a cheery entry into the house!( and in case anyone is wondering, I do OWN, but did not get approval, so I anticipate a warning notice from the HOA really soon, but whatevs)

I also purchased this fantastic fox door knocker which will soon be going up as well.
What a fantastic fox indeed!

Next, a few months ago, I mentioned to my daddy that I really wanted a tufted headboard. His response, I don't see why not(which I thought meant hmm I guess he's buying one for me)

Three trips to home depot and Joanns later,
we have this black leather tufted headboard

Here it is in my room. I am going to need to get new bedding I think, the kiss pleats are a little much up against the tufting, but it works for now, and I love how the black looks

Finally, last June I purchased this chair while thrifting for 6.00
After being super inspired by Caitlin's creation for her friends wedding,
Ta DA! My very own "trellis" chair
All in all, I am super excited to have a few things to check off my projects list(while adding about 10 more to accomplish in 2010..bathroom remodel, custom shelving for my bedroom, closet makeover)

Any fun projects you've completed lately??


  1. I love the front door. So fun and sassy! And that chair is to die for!

  2. HOT DAMN! i love all your projects!! and please tell us what your HOA says!

  3. Busy, busy, busy!! Love your door, love your it all! I have some projects lined up if you want to send your dad up north for awhile!

    Btw...LOVE the new banner!!!


  4. gorg my love! I'm so proud of you! I miss your face! and I'm with Jaclyn, loving the new banner!


  5. Wow, you finished lots of projects- I just LOVE your green door!!

  6. great them all..i have done a great dresser and sun burst project..view my blog.

  7. Wow, you're amazing!!! What nice pieces!

  8. Love Love Love!! Keep us posted on the HOA!!

  9. everything turned out fabulously!!!
    love it!!

  10. i totally built and painted a desk this exact color a couple weeks ago! what color did you use?

  11. Everything looks good! LOVE your green door! So fun!

  12. That chair is adorable! wonderful job!

    I think I might like it even better than my version.

    Good luck with all your projects. When you are finished will you come to my house?


...thanks for the comments sweetness!