Monday, March 15, 2010

Cocktails not included

I am quite exhausted after another fun filled weekend together up in the Bay Area, so todays post is short and sweet

I am loving these Mad Men limited edition barbie dolls. Joan and Betty look so fierce

And here are a couple pictures from a weekend filled with
impromtu hotel dance parties

triple dates with college girlfriends


  1. Love the barbies! And the impromptu dance photo is so cute! Loves!

  2. we never leave any place without leaving our mark with an improptu dance party. I miss your face already. come back.


  3. aww looks like you had fun! (is it bad that i am 25 years old and love barbies!!??!!??)

  4. I'm loving the Mad Men dolls too! I'm not a creepy doll person or anything (I swear!) but I'm so obsessed with that show. Don Draper is HOT!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!