Friday, March 26, 2010

In the Bag: The Beauty File

We're so excited to have Lisi of the Beauty File as our March In the Bag. Her gorgeous blog is filled with amazing pictures, fashion, makeup, and beauty tips. And, can we say we're ready to steal her bag right now!

Thank you Sara & Danielle for including me in this fabulous series! I have a slight obsession with handbags, so I was honored to share mine on their blog. I wear different bags according to the season, the weather and the occasion, but my absolute favorite is my YSL Downtown Tote {in black leather}. It's comfortable, classic and fits anything I so desire. My philosophy on bag size is, "Go big or go home," as evidenced quite clearly by this monster!

As for contents:

1. Wallet: LV, typically stuffed to the brim with all kinds of goodies, including perfumes I've tested, gift cards and Sephora samples.
2. Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples, lost the case ages ago, but I wear them to death.
3. iPod Touch + headphones: Never leave home without it! I'm nothing without my music.
4. Hair accessories: big clip, bobby pins, elastic...
5. Moleskine + pen: To write down ideas for blog posts, to-do lists, general thoughts throughout the day.
6. Filofax planner: I'm old fashioned and need to write everything down.
7. Beauty: Always Rosebud Salve, always! NARS lip gloss in "Pillow Talk," Bobbi Brown Compact for mirror, Black eyeliner {typically Chanel} for frequent touch ups.
8. Glasses: Oliver Peoples, for night driving.
9. Newspaper: I usually carry around various sections of the NY Times wherever I go. I love reading the Arts each day and I attempt to do the crossword Mon-Wed. Beyond that, I dare not go.
10. Other: Car keys, gum, calcium chews {ladies, very important!}
11. Not pictured: my broken phone, poor baby.

Thanks again for having me over to play! It's been so much fun sharing my bag with you! Come visit me soon over at The Beauty File!


  1. I Love the BIG BAG... Thank you for sharing. I myself have a small collection of lovely bags. I have to agree with you the larger bags are the way to go. I almost never choose my smaller bags which is leading me to the thoughts that I must start shopping to add to my larger bag collection. I was out with my daughter yesterday and was so close to buying a lovely one. I could just not justify spending that much$$$$ :o( I disappointed my daughter I am sure. Maybe next shopping trip out I'll just do it! I'll wait till my daughter is with me, so she can take the credit for my fashion sense :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. OMG!!!!! i love love love that bag!!! it's super cool!! and i love that car key too ;D

    your taste is really awesome Lisi!

  3. Love her blog...and so jealz that she has that YSL :)

  4. Ah, I would die for that bag! I have been obsessed with it since it first came out :)

  5. Lisi: I work for OP. Email me your mailing address and I will send you a replacement case for your sunnies. They need some protection when hanging out in your big bag!

  6. LOVING this in the bag feature - so much fun!!

  7. YEP YEP...I told you! Lots of fabulous stuff. I want to know what music you're listening to.

    YSL I DIE.

  8. such a darling bag! i seriously LOVEEEEE this series!!!!

    happy friday to you both!!

  9. Thanks ladies!!! I had so much fun doing the photoshoot! To answer Miss Lizzy, I am usually listening to Kings of Leon, U2, Adele, Feist or Kanye. Those are my cravings, typically.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!