Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Fabulous Ebay "Win"

I fell in love last year with this Tucker--who is doing a Target line- pattern after seeing it on Lauren Conrad

So imagine my delight when I scooped up the dress version on ebay for under 100

I plan to wear it all spring and summer, paired with my YSL babies

Any good shopping karma scores lately?!


  1. first of all I am completely jealous that you have YSL's... and they are gorgeous! And secondly love the outfit, I'm afraid I've shied away from patterned dresses, but this season I may have to venture out (I'm a little slow to adopt some trends, its taken me four years to hop on the leggings bandwagon).

  2. Fabulous! That dress is SO chic! (and don't get me started on the shoes... Swoon!!)

  3. So cute! Love the print and those shoes are fabulous! You will look so lovely!

  4. Very cute!! Love it with the shoes :)

  5. DARLING and I love love the shoes


...thanks for the comments sweetness!