Monday, March 1, 2010


Sorry ladies, today I'm going to vent. We try to keep everything upbeat and peppy over here at sweet nothings, but sometimes you just have to let loose. Here's a little insight into who I am..I'm a planner and I over analyze everything. I am the epitome of a left brained person. So I have spent the weekend analyzing everything from the guys, to my parents and their need for me to call everytime I am ever going anywhere, to my friendships, to how I'm no where near where I want to be at 25. Good times.

Anyways, sometimes your just need to let it all out. So here are ten things that are really making me want to cry lately:

  1. Do guys ever grow up? Or no matter if they're 25 or 35 tell you what you want to hear and then don't follow through
  2. I get headaches after I drink a glass of wine now. I love wine. It sucks.
  3. Finding your dream dress on sale, only in sizes that won't ever ever fit
  4. I have NO idea where my ipod is
  5. It seems to only rain on the weekends, when all I want to do is go play
  6. Living 5 hours away from my best friends. If I lived close, we'd be having this discussion with cocktails and snuggles, not over gchat
  7. I don't have a puppy
  8. There is no unsend button on emails, texts, and facebook messages
  9. My love of travel is hindered by my lack of funds
  10. Team USA losing in overtime to Canada yesterday
Sorry to vent, hopefully this week will pan out better or it's going to be a long one, but these Alexander Wang shoes make it a little better


  1. It's good to let things out and yep those shoes do make things a lot better.

  2. yes boys grow up. wait. wait. wait. wait for that perfect one who makes your heart dance, but who doesn't make your stomach sick.
    wine gives me a headache too. all of a sudden, mid twenties, boom!! can only have one glass of wine. but it's good. you'll stay younger looking that way....

  3. Oh... man I hate those weeks... and I smiled that not having apuppy makes your cry, because puppies do make everything better... I would be lost without my dog!

  4. Hope you have a great week and the sun shines over you. Those shoes rock!

  5. Its always good to vent! I agree - there totally should be an "unsend" button!

  6. Oh I would love an unsend button, that would be great!!

    If it makes you feel better I turn 29 this year and I am not where CLOSE to where I wanted to be either, we can sulk together :)

  7. Sorry you are having a rough time right now!!

    I hate that I can't do the traveling I want due to stupid reasons like having a job, yet having no extra money.

  8. Sorry you're having a rough go of it....I wish you lived up here too so we could snuggle it out.


  9. awww...i know how you feel. i have felt like this these past few weeks too. (a lot more now that i've been unemployed for so long & am having NO luck finding full-time work) & can totally relate to #9. venting helps though...sometimes you just need to let it out.

    p.s. (& as a Canadian I will let you know that Team USA played an awesome awesome game. Miller rocked it & Parise gave Canada a simultaneous mini-heart attack! So congrats on a game well played!)

  10. ugh...i totally get what you're saying!!! i feel like i can relate to too many of these! i.e. the unsend button. i've needed that SO many times when i've had too much to drink with the girls!!!!! :)
    hope you found your ipod.
    great blog!

  11. I put a bit of water in my wine, it seems to keep the headaches away.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!