Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dream Job: Chanel Ambassador

These gorgeous women have my dream job. In their own words, have "sold their souls to Karl"

Sign me up. I still don't know what the job description is, but I don't really care

Caroline Sieber, London based, stylist

Vanessa Trainia, New York based "muse" and stylist

Poppy Delevigne, London based model

Jen Brill, New York based marketing consultant

Leigh Lezark, london based dj


  1. I think I might have already sold my soul to karl years ago, so I'm ready too!

  2. i'm pretty sure i would sell my soul just to get close to Karl!!!

    these women are so beautiful and are so lucky!!

    p.s. i might be in Pasadena next week! is that close to you? get together??

  3. you nailed it!!
    thank you for the sweetest words about my sawyer. definitely the balm for my sad heart right now.
    lots of love,

  4. Oh my gosh, Karl would be so lucky to have you!


  5. definitely a dream job, nobody seems to know what the job description is, but oh who cares! :)


...thanks for the comments sweetness!