Monday, April 12, 2010

Hair Trend Obsession:the Side Braid

I think the reason I love braids so much is because I cannot do them on myself. I really wish I could, I try to watch the videos, but sadly, I cannot.

I've been obsessed with this casual yet chic side braid after seeing it on the Alexander Wang runway.

Miss Jessica, I have a job for you when you visit in June! :)

Do you ladies rock the side braid?


  1. I wish I could french braid so bad.

    I am also obsessed with a nice little braid.

  2. usually i can withstand the temptation of trends.
    but. i. can't. resist. the. side. braid.
    i love love love it!!!
    my girl has even cut my side hair (i don't allow her to call them bangs) to accommodate my new interknit locks down right of my chin. big FAT marc jacobs bow at the end.
    total fashion victim!!!!

  3. I'm all over it, my love! LOL

    miss your face.


  4. I love the side braid...but I can't braid my own hair so I never get to do it!

  5. I used to always rock the side braid when I had long I can't even muster a pony. =/ Love it.


  6. I heart the side braid and have been rocking it whenever my hair is dirty or I'm lazy. So glad it is in style again!

  7. I need to grow my hair just a tad longer and I will be able to do this, FINALLY!

  8. love love LOVE the side braid! I've only been able to get it 'just right' about twice but I'm going to keep trying!

  9. I love the side braid because it's NOT a french braid - so I can actually wear it! LOL


...thanks for the comments sweetness!