Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello Friday...

Oh Friday, it seems like way more than a week since we last saw each other...but we welcome you back with open arms. You will be the start of a weekend of drinks, dancing, bridal showers, and perhaps catching a little golf(I think there is a some big tournament this weekend with a famous player? lol)

Have a lovely weekend dolls...


  1. Love this picture from Emmersonmade. So jealous of her effortless style! Have the best weekend! xx

  2. Love this picture!

    And I agree it does seem like it's been longer than a week since we last saw Friday....

  3. Love it! Have a great weekend - and two glasses of champagne for me!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me! Happy Friday!

  5. Happy weekend to you! I recognize this pic - Emersonmade! One of my favorite companies!
    Sanity Fair

  6. I love all the pictures you ladies post! I found you through six degrees of blogging and put your link on my blog today, Sweet Nothings was my featured blog i.e the 6th blog I found .

    Come Check it out :)


...thanks for the comments sweetness!