Friday, April 23, 2010

In the Bag: Love Maegan

Happy Friday lovies. Our April blogger feature is the lovely love Maegan, a fantastic valley girl with amazing style. And once again, we're insanely jealous of the bag.

Hey Ladies!

Okay, here's my stuff!

black Salvatore Ferragamo bag ....a gift from my father-in-law. He always gets me the greatest bags. Always.

In my bag:
* Burberry wallet
* Tom Ford sunglasses ...usually on my face though and not in my bag
* LipFusion lip gloss in "Sweet" {my favorite lip gloss ever}
* Pout lip liner
* Digital camera {a canon powershot elph} ...this is always in my bag and I use it for my outfit posts. I have a nicer camera with a cordless remote but I'm so clumsy when I'm "on location" {lol -for instance, today I dropped it when I went to set it for a shot and the lens is now stuck out. I Have to send it back and in the mean time, carefully use my good one, ugh}
* USB thumb drive
* House keys husband just made new house keys for me ...the zebra and the black with hearts. He's so cute. {car key usually too but my car was being serviced when I shot these images}
* iphone
* Sephora pink zipper clutch {basically my first aid kit -holds: pills, band aids, safety pins, tampons know, things you just don't want to be caught without}
* Orange Tic Tacs ...always in my purse and in my car
* Hair clips
* Randomly these two gold chain necklaces were in my purse pocket ...One is called the "Snake Charmer" from Jami Rodriguez and the other is a wish bone pendant on a gold chain from Priveleged

...while my bag is fairly clean, there are a few receipts loitering the bottom as well as a handfull of change. I figured I'd leave that mess out.


  1. LOVE the sunglasses! I have been looking for a pair like those for awhile now :) I wish the goodies in my bag were as fun! Happy friday!

  2. I adore Maegan!!! This is super fabulous!! She is totally gorgeous, amazing, talented, and classy and and and...i could go on. but you get the idea lol. Love her!!

  3. i just found maegan's blog, and I am obsessed. i really love seeing what is in people's bags... weird. i know!

    have a great weekend.

  4. Aww yes, we love Maegan ! This is super interesting to see :) Beautiful wallet & clutch !

  5. Looking in other peoples purses really is so much fun!

  6. I love Maegan's blog! Awesome style and she taunts me with those Tom Ford sunglasses every single day!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!