Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perfect Bridesmaid Hair

It is officially wedding season ladies. I am in full diet mode, and trying to plan ensembles for plenty of rehearsal dinners and showers and parties. This May/June, I will be in two weddings two weekends in a row. One is black tie at the Plaza in NYC{ and ny blogger friends want to meet at the met on Sunday for the Costume Institute Exhibit?!?} and the second is an outdoor ceremony and tented reception in Westlake Village, Ca( a very cute town close to wear I live)

Here are some ideas I was thinking for hair options, let me know what you think or if you have any better ideas!

For the NYC wedding, I was thinking something a little more formal but not too stiff

A side bun like this on Selena Gomez

or Carrie Underwood

And for the LA shindig, some loose curls like Olivia or Lauren Conrad

Thoughts or Suggestions are always appreciated :)


  1. season is in full gear! I love the side bun...I have bob length hair so my hair looks the same ALWAYS!

  2. The side bun really is perfect wedding hair - it's classic and looks good on everyone. The loose curls are ideal for LA - great choices!

  3. So fun!! I wish I had weddings to go to. I love both of the looks. You will look great! xx

  4. Love them both...carrie bun for wedding for sure!

  5. I'm going to be a bride and I LOVE these styles- I think I have to save them in my "hair" file :)

  6. Both buns very cute, my pick for you would be Carrie's bun. Have fun in NY :o) For the CA wedding differently Olivia's hair style. You'll look wonderful really with either style. :o)

  7. side bun for sure lovey. and loving the loose waves for a more casual look.

    miss your whole face pumpkin.


  8. Side bun is my favorite and it's easy!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!