Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shoe Help

I'm hoping spring comes back to the Bay soon, and the sun will be out again. That being said, I need to update my wardrobe. First item on my list: Wedges. I always have a hard time finding wedges that look right, I'm hoping you guys can help me out--I would love a pair that is multifunctional (work, fun dresses, or dress up jeans and a tee).
So far I've found this pair that I like but have yet to try on.


  1. I am loving these navy and white pattern Tory Burch espadrille wedges right now. The perfect blend of nautical prep and va va voom for spring.

    For a totally different sexy rockstar look... I DIE over these Dolce Vita wedges. I just ordered them in neon pink! RAWR.

  2. Love these from piperlime in gold...

    Jessica Simpson shoes are SO comfy and I love the colors of these...

    These in Cigar aren't bad either!

  3. I am looking for the same type of shoes! Those are super cute...a little more than I wanted to spend though :) Good luck on your shoe hunt!

  4. target has a few cute pair, if you're looking for something inexpensive!

    (my sister has the last pair and they look SO much better than in this picture! very comfortable, too.)


...thanks for the comments sweetness!