Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Carrie and Aiden

I love Sex and the City. What girl doesn't(come to think of it..most guys do as well. I have had some of the most in depth conversations about this show with my brother)

Now, a lot of people won't agree with my next few statements..but I honestly don't like Carrie. I don' t think I could tolerate a friend like Carrie. I understand that her flaws are what make her relatable and blah blah, but I honestly think she is one of the most selfish characters ever on television.

Anyways, I never thought Carrie Bradshaw deserved Aiden Shaw. He was way tooooo good to her.
I also will rebel if Aiden and Carrie have a fling in The Middle East. Aiden would not cheat on his wife(remember, he is married with a little baby Tater Tot we meet in season 6) Literally, I will audibly scream in the theater on Friday if it happens..

Feel free to disagree with me in the comments ladies..what do you think about the possibility of an Aiden/Carrie "reunion"?

ps..SJP killed it at the premiere in Valentino Couture


  1. KILLED IT!! I love love love her hair!

  2. Okay, So I will agree with you that SJP killed it in the yellow Valentino number- AMAZING!!

    However, I can't agree on not liking Carrie. I don't think she and Aiden will actually cross any lines, but the temptation will be there, for sure.

    Aiden has been and alway will be my favorite "love interest" from SATC! So HOT!

  3. Finally someone who agrees with me! I think Carrie is completely selfish and annoying and she and Big deserve each other.

    I will be very upset if she and Aiden get together in the new movie. She treated him like crap too many times.

    The only thing I like about her is her wardrobe. (and the fact that she's SJP.)

  4. I loooove Aiden, but I agree with what someone else said - the viewers would be waaay too pissed about Carrie not being with Big to make her and Aiden have anything serious in this movie.

  5. i was just saying last night how i didnt like carrie! she is selfish and expects her friends to understand every freaking time! also, she was rotten to aiden and he was so good to her. and another thing, i dont really like mr. big! ha.

  6. Love the dress, can't STAND Carrie. She is whiny, she is an over-analyzer, she just bitches all the time. The other characters are a lot richer, don't you think?

  7. Totally agree with you! At first I really liked her, but the more I watched the series the more I felt like she was completely self-obsessed. I feel like she's always cutting off the other girls to whine about her own problems.

  8. I have mixed emotions with Carrie. Like I love her because she is human and pretty normal but sometimes she drives me batty. In fact I totally HATED her when she was cheating on Aiden with big and then when she got back together with him and he screamed "You Broke My Heart" I just wanted to slap her.

    I also agree that Aiden is too good for her and would be very angry if she has a fling with him. I really like Carrie and Big together and they deserve one another. I am excited for this movie! You are a lucky gal getting to see it in NYC!

    SJP absolutely killed that Valentino!

  9. i agree about aiden. always liked him. he is just so sweet.

    love SJP in that dress. she looks tre tre fab

  10. I wonder if Aiden is now divorced and is on some type of getaway when he sees Carrie. We all know Aiden wouldn't cheat!!

  11. I am in love with that dress! x

  12. I totally agree with you! First of all, any woman that would actually marry Big after EVERYTHING he put her through can't possibly value themselves. I mean - the Carrie/Big relationship was a CONSTANT example of "He doesn't deserve you" but she DEFINITELY didn't deserve Aidan.

    And as much as I love SJP in that dress, I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't like her. I think she's untalented. She plays the exact same role in EVERY film. She's always Carrie and she can't steer away from that. I'm not a Carrie or an SJP fan. I'm more partial to Samantha and Miranda who have a lot more depth to their characters.

  13. I'm with you 100%. I hated that she ended up with Big, who was a real jerk to her. I can't believe viewers want to see them together - typical girls into the "bad boy" - so disappointing. I didn't see the first movie and don't plan on seeing the second because I was annoyed at the series ending with her getting with Big.

  14. I love Mr. Big and Aiden, and I think it keeps it real. Most men cheat and the writers of SATC are very realistic. I said most men, not all men!

  15. I was mad that she ended up with Big too. I would have liked to see Carrie walk off into the city alone.

    And Aiden was way too good for her.

  16. seriously crush on sjp, but i must say i now have a big problem with SATC in general. used to LOVE it when it was on HBO. but now that i'm a little older, i feel like it's kind of trashed up our culture a little bit. i am NO prude. but there was something about this show that i think transcended to YOUNGER girls (i'm talking young high sad even younger where i live) that sex is something to have freely and casually. and it's a punchline.
    also, i think the fashion (which is amazing) also effed up the younger generations. before SATC, we didn't see little girls (or their messed up mothers') as concerned with what they were wearing (juicy sweats, tory burch, louis vuitton). sure we had guess jeans before, but this obsession with designer labels and fashion is frenzied now with the younger girls.
    i don't know. it makes me so sad.
    yesterday, i walked by a table of junior high kids (boys and girls) and a boy was telling the girls that "girls orgasm longer than boys." ?!?!?
    i think SATC opened the doors for this kind of dialogue. i don't remember it on television before. i may be TOTALLY wrong.
    sorry for the long comment.

  17. i love carrie. so we're not on the same page there.

    but i do completely agree that i will be in disgust if they write in an aiden and carrie sexual scene. aiden would not. and carrie? i'll be so madddd. she could have had aiden. she didn't want aiden. she broke his heart. she's with big. she got big to commit and marry. leave it alone for crying out loud!

    here's to hoping the writers make us proud rather than scream in the theater...

  18. I totally agree with you!! I cna't stand carry! And sure Haydan was too good for her, i also don't like Mr Big so they deserve each other...


...thanks for the comments sweetness!