Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sick and Tired

I was at home sick in bed all day yesterday with a stomach bug...here's to hoping I get better soon. Also, I have a blind date coming up that was set up by a coworker...all I know is we will be going out to drinks, any advice on clothes, conversation, anything?


  1. You poor thing - get well soon! Oh goodness, those blind dates are semi stressful, but as long as you feel pretty, confident and talk about what you love... you can't go wrong!

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon! Wear something you're comfortable in so you'll feel confident! xx

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Love that cute pic of the sick bear though.

    my advice for the upcoming date is don't wear anything too revealing on a first date. good luck

  4. poor kitten. giddy up on the healthy horse. blind dates are the best currently on 2nd honeymoon in costa rica with a blind date gone bananas!!
    i wore jeans and a smile.
    lots of love,

  5. Hope you feel better soon- Take care


  6. Get well soon! Depending on where you go for your date, I always think that some great fitting dark jeans, heels, a loose but silky cami/tank, long layered neckalce and a fun jacket or cardigan is perfect! Good luck!

  7. i had a very long relationship as the result of a blind date. my advice is to laugh. dont let it be too serious, just have fun.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!