Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bangin Bikini Bod: Ashley Greene

Summer and bikini season are a few days away, and I'll be honest, I could've done a little better to prepare. A few weekends in a row of wedding cake will do that to you.

After seeing Twilight star Ashley Greene on the cover of Women's Health, I will be making my morning workouts a little tougher..omg her bod is truly amazing!

Now if I can just get my local LA Fitness to get these in for weights


  1. Um So I kinda die over those weights. Where and how do I get them?!

  2. dang! she looks incredible. exactly how I'd like to look in a bikini! thanks for this pic for motivation!

  3. She looks unbelievable! I type this as I sit here and eat my donut and drink my 1,000 calorie latte, haha!

    Definitely makes me motivated to hit the yoga mat tonight!

  4. Um, Ashley Green - woah. Those weights are awesome and I am so right there with you for getting bikini more excuses for me!

  5. Ashley Green looks amazing- Who would've known?


...thanks for the comments sweetness!