Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Summer

Welcome Summer, you are officially here!

You are my favorite time of year, despite having to be in the office all day
Some events I eagerly anticipate you bringing my way:

~Dodger Games
~Celebrating my favorite holiday in July
~Wedding in Palos Verdes
~Ventura County Fair
~Rent at the Hollywood Bowl
~CHP softball games
~Sangria parties
~and always open for a little summer romance :)

What are you lovies doing this summer??


  1. Summer welcomes lingering conversations after dining alfresco, as the warm summer days come to an end sharing just one more bottle of wine with family, friends or that someone special as stories are shared.

  2. so cute! i bought howard a wading pool this weekend too! he starts to do a doggie paddle before he hits the water then just stands there looking around - SO CUTE!

    this summer...hmmm, i don't know yet :) depending on the decision i make in the next week i could very well be preparing to move to India for a year - which is exciting and terrifying....we'll see....

  3. That is the absolute cutest picture EVER! I'm looking forward to going to the beach with friends for the 4th, baseball games, dining al fresco and celebrating my birthday in August yay! xx

  4. I am starting one of these as well. I am most excited for my 21st birthday in 2ish weeks!! :)

  5. Headed to Portland!!! And running the SF marathon. Love the picture in this post ... too cute! XO

  6. What a cutie!! I just got back from Vegas - had a fab time, almost melted though! This summer I have no big plans, just lots of beach time and hopefully a trip up to some wineries!

  7. music festivals!
    bike treks!
    dining alfresco!
    the beach!

    and yes, bring on the summer romance too!

  8. we must be close by! the ventura county fair is my fav!

  9. So many things to love about summer; hope you have a great one!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!