Friday, June 25, 2010

In the Bag: Good Nite Irene

I am so excited to have the FABULOUS katie of Good Nite Irene as the June in the Bag. Katie's blog is hilarious, she doesn't hold back on her thoughts, and to make you just feel stellar about yourself, has an amazing body due to this. I'm hoping to one day arrange a little play date with her since she is a so cal girl as well

hi dolls! so sweet of y'all to let me spill my stuff. wish i was saucier for ya though.....
here it goes:
although the size of my bag is big enough to carry all of angelina's brood i carry a rather paltry peck.
i like to have a large tote so that i can use it when i go to the market (every day) and i can just put my purchases in here and stay green!
this bag is from my friend sally bartz's halsea line ( it's the quintessential beach bag. the inside is pocket's galore (6 large ones), so i never lose anything.

  • i always have my favorite tom ford aviators.
  • my hobo wallet. this was hands down the best gift i've ever received. i've never had a better wallet in my life. this cookie carries EVERYTHING!!! i could put a golden retriever in this baby!
  • smashbox lipgloss in afterglow. a makeup artist used this on me on a silly infomercial once. i looked like a monkey hawking the product, but my lips were charlie's angels dewy the whole day.
  • my kindle. i fought, kicked and screamed against liking this modern technology. but then my hunky hubby made me realize how many trees i'd be saving so i converted. now i'm a kindle=-holic.
  • ipods. yes you counted three. i'm always losing ipods. since i'm teaching anywhere from 2 to sometimes 4 or (gulp) 5 spin/pilates classes a day i must have my ipod.
  • wet wipes. i go from studio to gym to clients homes.....sanitizing is a way of life.
  • cell phone. i keep it in my lime green "k" case so i can always find it.
  • perfume. i'm a sucker for perfume. i always have just a little bit on. i wear "if" by apothia in the summer.
  • keys to polly the prius. i love her to death but she's so darn quiet i forget to turn her off. i can't tell you how many times i come back to the parking lot and that damn car is still running. so much for my attempt to be environmental.
that's it. thanks darlings. it's been fabulous hanging out with the sweet nothings!!
happy weekend!
love, katie


  1. Great blog, love Kate, covet the Tom Fords & checking out the halsea bag ( A-dorable).

    Cheers my dears x

  2. So cute! Love this feature :).

  3. Love knowing what people carry in their purse. Great feature.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!