Thursday, June 24, 2010

One of the Greatest Moments in United States sports history

I honestly cannot talk about the game without getting chills up and down my body

After having another legit goal taken back by the refs(serisouly FIFA, get it together)
Landon Donovan took the US from 3 min to going home to an everyone in your office is screaming moment that was played on the floor of the NYSE. I literally hugged my coworkers as a tear streamed down my face.
Yes, I care THAT much

As I spent the rest of my afternoon reading the numerous recaps that all said the same thing, NY Mag Sports writer Josh Dean captured every emotion I had

The thing about the world cup is that it is exponentially bigger than your average game because patriotism-good, old fashioned I love my country patriotism-free of politics, magnifies every emotion, so that a moment like this seems far bigger than it actually is

You can bet all eyes will be on our boys as we take on Ghana in the knockout round Saturday.

say it with me ladies, USA USA USA


  1. Okay with a quote like that, you have me on board for the World Cup. Youngest son got up early yesterday to catch the game, After a huge roar (from my son) I was called into the room to see the replay of the goal. I was quite impressed... I will keep an eye on the next USA game. While I may not feel the same passion as you have expressed, I will put more heart into what seems to be uniting this and other countries. On that note USA USA USA :o)

  2. omg you CRACK me up!!!! all of your soccer comments on my blog, on your blog, love it all!!! you make me even more excited for everything that is going down.

    and seriously...WHAT IS GOING ON WITH FIFA AND ALL OUR LEGIT GOALS BEING TAKEN?? my boyfriend gets so enraged when he talks about it...yikes.

    also!! I will definitely let you know the next time I’m up in Ventura for soccer stuff! Daniel has a game tomorrow night but I’m not sure I’m going to make it. He just found out he made the roster a few hours ago so it’s short notice. next time have fair warning i'll let you know! :)


...thanks for the comments sweetness!