Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 Things all Single People Must Do

I had a friend send me this article from Yahoo titled "10 things all single people must do" and I thought this had some obvious-and not so obvious tips-that all us single ladies(and some the married ones) should follow.

Here is a little sampling:
Buy something hugely impractical just because you love it
Learn how to take care of yourself
Travel Alone
Spend a weekend with a married couple your age
Don't come home all night

read the rest of the list here


  1. i love that list!! some are really important i would think to do/figure out before you got married too!

  2. saw something similar to this on MSN yesterday. I printed it out and I'm going to post it on my bulletin board at home lol.

    miss your face.


  3. AMEN to each and every one of these!! i'd especially gold star the traveling alone, learn how to take care of yourself, and wallow in the break of a broken heart. these three things made perfect and {finally} ready to mean hunky hubby. patience patience patience.
    so worth the wait.

  4. great post, definitely made me smile :) love your blog and your pup on the header, so cute!


  5. ummm how fabulous is her bra? reminds me of something they'd wear in the 40s or sexy!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!