Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blackberry FAIL

Yesterday, I went 6 hours without my bbms, gchats, emails, blogs, phone calls, facebook, all started out innocently charger at work broke..not really.
That turned into a non working phone, no battery, no way to salvage my contacts/ringtones/pictures of Georgie and my beloved Bubba on my phone
After being in tears with the Verizon guy over my lost pictures of my deceased dog, having to wait until my daddy came home from Vegas to get his old phone, and another 2.5 hours at the Verizon store, I have a phone, but no contacts.

I don't know what is worse..the loss of all my info, or that I am completely helpless without technology

Rawr..that is all..I hope that was my fail for the week....


  1. oh no! I'm so sorry muffin :(

    I love your face and send big hugs your way.


  2. oh honey!! i'm so sorry about the bubba pictures.
    sending hugs.


...thanks for the comments sweetness!