Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dry Bar Blowout Bar

Since I had to drive out to Palos Verdes for a wedding on Saturday, I had the perfect excuse to stop in at Dry Bar in Brentwood. Their motto, no cuts, no colors, just blowouts is an affordable(35.00) and fun( mimosas and muffins, and all the tabloids I could handle) excuse to not do your own hair

I picked the "Southern Comfort" volume and loose curls, which I knew would fall perfectly in time for the wedding at the beach

Lucky me, in October they are opening a location in Sherman Oaks, so I imagine I will be buying a monthly membership!

ps..George had a lovely sleepover and slept all day sunday after doing many laps in the pool, getting stung by a bee and almost a trip to the puppy er(luckily they had the puppy first aid kit at home with a bee sting pads in it) and chasing road runners in the backyard


  1. What a perfect weekend, well almost... Poor George, a bee...I bet he can't wait to get back to his Grandparents for another visit.

  2. poor george. :(

    i love this dry bar place. i want one here. why doesn't NYC have fun? this is fantastic.

  3. The hair looks amazing! I have been wanting to check this place out and will most definitely do so now that I can see the results!

    Glad George is okay! I went to a wedding at La Venta is October. Isn't it so pretty?

  4. I just tried this place this past Saturday. I got the Mai Tai. Super pumped about their Sherman Oaks location. I thought the same exact thing - membership!


...thanks for the comments sweetness!